So, I’m interested in knowing what city/state you hail from…I’ll start…

I spend 3-4 months at my technical HOME in Wesley Chapel, FL (think North Tampa)…

The remaining 8-9 months I spend my time in a super-small village called Los Ojos, NM (which is North Central New Mexico about 30 miles south of the CO-NM state line)…

So, plz reply so we can see where all these mining kits are being shipped to…I’m truly interested in seeing how big this network is going to be…So SOUND OFF



I’m in metro Atlanta GA.

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Hello there… Trisha and I’m in Laveen,Arizona.

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Come on folks…lets keep this up…Does anyone know of a FREE interactive mapping website where users here at Geohackers can pin their GENERAL location so as to show where other XYO users call their home?

I’ve seen websites like that before but dont remember their URL…

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Savannah Georgia

I live in Hollister, CA.

scott, could you please ask your tech team to somehow someway post an intereactive map showing the locations of geo-miner kits? Addresses are not necessary. It sure would be nice to have so I can target shareholders/miners in my area with communications (ie emails) for setting up meetings in my local area.


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This is Rob from Rensselaer, Indiana, a little (~6,000 people) in NW Indiana.

Nashville, TN

This is Sam Smith in Brooklyn. Looking for some XYOers in NYC.

Living in Escanaba, Michigan in the UP . Butch

Australia, Victoria, Mildura,


Really good to see the general locations of those who have replied. I’m trying to get a recommendation for an interactive map where I (or people who reply) can post a pin on a map for all to see. Hopefully someone have a suggestion.

Thank you to all of those who replied.

Best Regards,

Jeff B.
North Tampa, FL USA

I’m in Japan, Kawasaki-city,Kanagawa-ken.

Amsterdam, The Netherland

Pacific Northwest USA

Got my kit but unsure if it is functioning or not. I’m in Alnwick ( home of harry potter)Northumberland UK
Maybe your the closest

My hometown is Friedrichshafen/Germany, the ‘Zeppelin’ town at the lake of constance. Zurich, Stuttgart and Munich are the next bigger cities. Great place for startup’s /SMEs both work and leasure wise. Swiss crypto valley is near too.
My sentinels will be located throughout that region, some also in Malaysia/Kuala Lumpur my second home and maybe Australia/melbourne.
Am keen to know the ‘mapping’ of all sentinels/Bridges/archivists etc. Also how to setup ‘sub-domains’ within the xyo network.

Really glad to hear that some of you are actually responding…Would love to hear of an interactive map from XYO Headquarters that automatically puts a location pin on the map that shows the general location (ie city/state or city/country) of the mining kits being shipped from day one…

I’ve already started a monthly meeting group for my area and have had the 1st meeting with one other XYOer…Going to continue to try to find XYOers in my general area so as to invite them to the monthly meetings for brainstorming/strategizing. Have already had some really good ideas discussed…

So plz keep replying…