Software Update

Hi Team,

I am having some issues with my bridge. XY replaced it with a different one last week. I am still experiencing the same issue. I saw one pop up that said the XYO network has stopped working restart the app. Since then the app will not stay open. It constantly restarts. Is there an update I can download on my PC and load onto my SD card?

FYI - in order to verify whether there was a hardware issue I installed Raspbian on a second SD card and inserted it into my Bridge hardware. It worked perfectly. Connected to my wifi and updated itself. That is something I have not been able to accomplish with the Bridge Software.


I did the beta update under settings on my bridge and since then it only sees sentinels for about an hour after rebooting, then it acts like the bluetooth is not active and stops showing nearby devices until I reboot again. I should have made an image of the SD card before I clicked check for updates.
I am hoping they release an update soon that fixes it.

I am not aware of any images available to make your own bridge. I made an image of the card that came with my bridge, wrote it to a second card. The copied image works just fine in the
pi that was supplied with the kit, but if I stick it in a different pi (same exact model) it doesn’t boot up.
I’m guessing the mac address my be the reason.