Should sentinels stay in one place, or can they change locations?

”The less mobile a Sentinel is, the more its data can be trusted.”

Hello team,

There’s something I don’t understand. I recently read an article on Medium by Noah Levin, saying that the less a sentinel is mobile, the more it’s data can be trusted. So should we geominers keep our sentinels in one ‘static’ place. But then, how do you connect them to the bridge to collect the data? (Because the bridge is also bound to one location, my apple computer.)

And aren’t the sentinels supposed to be used with Coin, mobile, on the road, often changing locations? To me this sounds contradicting, hopefully someone can explain this to me.

Thank you, and keep up the awesome work Crazy Ones! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good question. There is a fair amount we don’t know about how the algorithms and how they may change. We do know that sentinels “talk” to each other. I believe that quote may refer to a sentinel that is more static may be given a higher value for a trusted location. So a relatively static sentinel might be given a higher location veracity score. However sentinels need to come into contact with each other to facilitate transactions so mobile sentinels might have a lower “location” scores, but higher transaction value because they have the potential to talk to many more sentinels.

The bottom line to me is you want your sentinels to have a lot of contact with others to earn tokes when people do queries in the system. My guess is the values assigned to “bound witnesses” will change over time as the system learns and assigns values to the confidence it has in a sensor’s location and the number of sentinels necessary to validate location.

Geospatial is all about moving in time and space so a combination of static and mobile components to the system will be necessary.

I don’t know how transparent XYO will be with us, but the developers working in the weeds on smart contracts will have a ton of knowledge of those numbers and how they interact. This is cutting edge stuff so there is a fair number of questions I am sure that the developers still have themselves.