Sharing rewards in coin app


How big is the general area that is considered the sharing area? It says I’m sharing rewards in my area but I’m sure there is nobody else around collecting…

EDIT … Image …

Even when next to each other the phone doesn’t have the same number of ppl sharing rewards

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Are you at home and have a Bridge ?

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I’m just using the coin app and no I’m not at home.


No idea then? maybe it’s a glitch and will be fixed in an update? this is still early days for all of this tech.


If I’m not mistaken it is at about a 1 mile radius. I have to get that far from my tablet before my phone stops sharing. I hope they fix this in a future update to only share within the same tile.



From time to time my pointer jumps about 12 city blocks away from my home to pick up coins. Same spot Everytime too.


I have actually only seen it right after the update, also showed 1 other user. I, however, did not see a difference in the amount collected. I am very curious how far away the other person is. I was quite excited to know there was finally someone else on the network! Now I just wonder if it was a test to see if it was working…


Most likely the nearest cell tower


Go visit a tech heavy center… On a visit to San Francisco for a conference a few weeks ago, I saw up to 6 others sharing with me!


Nope, just someone’s house


Yes I am at home and have Ang have a bridge. Still trying to understand it.