Shares or tokens Which to buy


Limited amout to invest so,
Is it better / more likely to be profitable buying shares or tokens or mining kits or the forthcoming space/ground anchor sentinel bridge device? All offered by XYO with no sugestion of any of them being profitable


The only way to really cover your bases in my opinion is to buy a small amount of shares and the mining kit. I know thats probably not the answer you wanted to hear but nobody knows what either will do in the future. But getting in now is a wise choice.


If it were me and I could only chose one…the Geomining kit is the way to go. It will pay off the most in the long run.

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Thanks Bullshipley, I agee and have.
Just nice to get others views. In the grand scheme of things I’m sure they will all be profitable.

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Thanks Andyman73. I have kit and since launch of COINapp 3 weeks ago have cloked up just over 16,000 mostley over recent trip. Nice to get others thoughts, so thanks

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I have all 3, shares, Gamma buy-in, and Geomining kit. And for those who just not sure, I’d say get the kit. That way you get the full benefits from that, and sentinels to mine with the COIN DAPP, too. Glad to know you got a kit! Good luck with your COIN mining!

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I bought 120 shares and the kit; thinking the same thing. IF they ever go public; my $8 per share will probably go to pennies after they dilute the shares available for trading on the OTCBB


Stay positive

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