Separate account for each device?

I read somewhere on the XY websites that one should set up each device (Bridge, COIN app on a phone) with its own separate account, as each Sentinel only links itself to one device (now I’m confusing myself).

Should I have two different logins for my Bridge (when it arrives) and the COIN app on my phone? And if so, how will my COIN app know that I’m a Bridge owner?

Thank you!

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I have purchased 2 Mining Kits (8 Sentinels, 1 Bridge each) Currently i am running all 16 Sentinels through 1 Bridge and never even plugged in the second one. It seems to be working fine. But am no tekie so dont take my word for it. I am wanting to see if i can bring my other bridge to work and operate it without actually loggin in to the Wifi. I work in a Financial place so logging in and running something would be a NoNo.

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@Tawny if you don’t connect to wifi, you’ll have to plug directly into Ethernet. As your workplace is a financial services company, I would say that they would definitely NOT like you to use an Ethernet connection! But you could probably connect to their “public” or “guest” wifi service without endangering security. Their Guest wifi network will be isolated from the wired network that the employees use, so it will not violate safety protocols from your IT department.

Oh, by the way, I was thinking of exactly the same thing—running a Bridge at work instead of at home—but I’m excited that it isn’t necessary! All you have to do is take one of your Sentinels to work and let it gather geodata from Sentinels it “sees”. You can take it home and let it dump its data to your Bridge. The data won’t get uploaded as quickly to the Archivists this way, but you’ll get credit for all the info the Sentinel gathers. And a Sentinel just sitting on the desk or in your pocket is a LOT easier way to geomine at work than risking your job by connecting a Bridge to a work network without permission!

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