Sentinels and TSA


Is there any issue or anyone experience an issue bringing a sentinel through a TSA checkpoint? I mean sometimes the sentinel starts ticking like a bomb.

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Ha, yeah that would be unfortunate timing. But from what I read there is no issue. It’s perfectly OK to bring them. In fact, one of the users in the XYO community has already captured video of him mining on a plane… he was connected to the inflight wifi. I have a flight in a couple weeks and I’m tempted to pay the fee for wifi just to try.


They don’t care. And Bluetooth is not banned from use on a plane, only your CDMA or GSM phone connection. FYI, I tried to mine on my last flight while connected to the onboard WIFI. It wouldn’t work.


Don’t know about these sentinels but I was pulled aside at Chicago O’Hare when I was carrying active RFID tags with my laptop one time. The TSA agent was hitting on me as she went through my carry-on luggage :rofl: