Sentinel X - Unresponsive after firmware update atempt


New to GeoHacker and XYO here so hello everyone!

Anyway I have a question. I ended up getting the 3 pack after I signed up for CION with XYO. They all initially responded when I tried to connect them to my network via the android app “COIN”. But for some reason while updating the firmware on one of them, it stopped responding. I did get an error when it tried to install the firmware, but after the 2nd try it stopped all together.

I also noticed the 3 pack that was sent to me did not have the battery tab when you have a new item with batteries included. Is this normal as well?

I tried the basic trouble shooting. I pulled the battery to see if it was an issue about resetting it. Is my sentinel broken or am I missing something else that i need to do to have it work again?


Had the same thing happen to one of my sentinels. Pulled the tab and started to download the software. About halfway through i got an error message saying it was disconnected and to retry. Then when i tried to click the button and start the download again, it completely stopped responding. Now it’s as if it is broken or dead. Does not turn on or beep or anything. Have tried replacing the battery several times. I wonder if there is some kind of glitch or problem that occurs when you are in the middle of updating the software and it disconnects???

Same here… Kind of bummed that it’s not working. Wonder if the devs have a fix for this.

Fastest response for this issue seems to be to
Contact them through the email they sent to confirm your orders arrival. (Ive heard is the best route)
Contact them through Facebook messenger. (My Personal experience was less than 24 hour reply)

They’ll send a replacement. You’ll have to wait again but they’ll replace it. 1 of my 3 bricked for the same reason.

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