Sentinel Issues with Testing


Hello fellow GeoHackers, I’m just putting up my post so I can be notified if any of you find out info regarding the sentinels turning off. I have ran a gamut of testing to try to figure out the problem, using BLE testing equipment, the apps/bridges, and common cell devices and computers. I am having the exact same issue, especially after updating to the .56 firmware.

After updating to this firmware they are recognized as XY4++, instead of the XY4+ as they came shipped as. However, they indeed all shut off automatically after four minutes. I have ran a whole bunch of little experiments measuring battery power, load, etc. What I am coming to a conclusion is that is more a software issue than battery issue. I was able to order new batteries (wow CR3032 are expensive compared to others); and after installing new batteries, they still turned themselves off after about four minutes. I have tried connecting them to different bridges/phones, the actual XYO Bridge, and the Beta app on 4 different android devices, no change in outcome. On both the XY Findables APP and the Beta XYO Network App, and the Actual XYO Bridge they all can not be seen after they make their little beep tone and turn off. I also used an Ubertooth One and again no signal was available showing that they are in an Off state or dormant state.

I have a total of 16 sentinels, all are the XY4+ model, after moving 5 of them to the .56 firmware update, without doubt those shutdown after four minutes. However on the sentinels I left on .53 it was randomized, some would stay awake, some would turn off, all at random times, locations, etc.

I would love some feedback if any of you have had similar experiences or tests; the more the merrier. I am in no way angry at XYO, I understand the processes of building a new business/technology/device, and it can be very daunting to say the least. Am I disappointed, of course, I want to go out and mine, just like all of you do, but everything is still in Beta, lets give this some time and see where it goes. I am in no way an expert in BLE or XY devices, I’m actually a US Army soldier who is very interested/passionate in both tech and blockchain and what XYO is bringing to the table. Looking forward to your replies, feedback or solutions.



Hey ReconCatLord,

This is Jin from XYO.

I do see from reading your post that after updating to .56 firmware, Sentinels do turn off after couple of minutes and some of the Sentinels that were not updated to the latest firmware were random.

I will contact the development team about this issue and let them know!

Thank you for your feedback.

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Hey Jin,
Thank you so much for looking into my post and forwarding the information. I do have one question for you regarding Geomining that probably only you can answer; plus I also have a quick solution for those (like myself) who still want to mine, while we wait for an update/solution.

My question was, I have the XYO Bridge from my mining kit, plus I am using both my android phones, work and personal to harvest data. In about 24hrs of mining, my XYO Bridge is reporting 64 as a chain length, one phone says 117, the other 109. They all have an independent public key and original chain, so will I receive “credit” in a sense, for all these chain lengths on each device and the bridge; I realize the phones act as a bridge themselves. That was a big question for me, as I realize these chains are basically locked to the device they are on, so I’m hoping you will answer yes to this. I realize this is all in beta right now, but any answer that you could give would help.

For my quick solution to be able to keep mining without sentinels being fully operational was this. In the Beta XYO Network app on android, you have the ability to switch to sentinel functionality after you get your first bound witness. What I did after I received a bound witness on each was; I kept one phone in Bridge mode, and changed my other phone into Sentinel mode. I am pleased to report that the Beta app was extremely good at finding and transferring blocks. As I drove down roads to work and walked around the area, I jumped from 30 to over 100 blocks on each phone. It seemed to truly do the job of a sentinel with amazing efficiency, just like I would expect a XY4+ sentinel to do. I am now thinking of using some other android devices to setup as stationery sentinels at locations, just keeping them plugged into power, and keeping my one phone as the bridge for them. Do you think this is a logical or good solution or am I wasting my time like this, because it seems to work well, and the more android devices I have, the more “sentinels” I have collecting for me; at least until a solution can be pushed for the XY4+'s. They obviously would be smaller, not need to be powered constantly, and can be placed much easier then a phone or tablet device. Would love to hear your feedback on this! Thank you again for your time and actions in advance.

-ReconCatLord :telescope: :cat2: :crown:

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Hi ReconCarLord!

Thank you for the reply! :slight_smile:

To answer any questions related to getting paid with XYO Tokens or even getting credited will be announced when we launch our mining network. I do apologize as I do not have any information on this matter. However, if your location data helps the people/person that are/is querying, you will definitely get rewarded.

You can most definitely set your other Android devices as a stationary Bridge. However, what will help you even better is to spread many Sentinels as possible so that you have many many bound witnesses that can be used/solved queries.


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Hi Gintonic,
Its great to see a member of XYO posting information here. Thank you for taking the time to do so.
You might also pass on to the Dev team that some of us are having issues with the pi bridge. For me after updating to the beta software, the bridge stops seeing sentinels about an hour after re-boot. It acts like the bluetooth shuts off. There is no path back to undo a software update that I can see.

I am speculating based on what I have read of XYO’s released information about how you actually “mine” or get paid XYO tokens. I believe in order for you to be issued XYO, a location query would have to be submitted to the XYO network. If information from your bridge is used to answer that location query, then you would receive a portion of the XYO tokens that were spent to make the query. Someone (or thing) has to spend some XYO making a query, and bound witness data from bridges that provide location data used to answer the query get a portion.
once again, a guess based on stuff XYO has already put out there.


Received my Kit about a week ago and just wanted to relay my experiences with it so far. I don’t claim to have any knowledge of how it is suppose to work, but will answer any questions about what I’m finding.

I installed the XY Find it App and the XYO Network App on my ASUS Android Phone.

Documents say there is a 300 meter range on the sentinels but I can only get about 2 meters.

Using the Find it App I am able to locate all the sentinels.

Using the Network App is pretty much the same thing, it can find all the sentinels.

Clicking on the identify button in the nearby device list doesn’t consistently identify the device.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to assign a human readable identity for the sentinels in the network app.

The Raspberry pi loses connections with the sentinels after about 10 min and has to be rebooted to regain the connections.

Moving out of range from the sentinels with the XY Find It app, Sometimes coming back into range the app doesn’t see the sentinels. Pushing the sentinels button causes the app to ring the phone saying it found the sentinel after doing that will all the sentinels the app will crash.

The Raspberry Pi boots up fine, however after some time (haven’t timed it) it seems to go dormant and will not receive anything from the sentinels.

Bound witness generation seems to be a random occurrence ( I guess I don’t understand what causes the event)

Sentinel Issues:

Two of the sentinels power down after a few minutes.

One sentinel chimes at irregular intervals between 1 and 5 minutes usually the same chime but sometimes the chime changes – possibly it is powering off and back on?

Another sentinel will start a sort of clicking buzz randomly

Firmware update fails on two sentinels because they drop the blue tooth connection with the error: “Gatt is Null” and another message says the blue tooth failed and probably need to restart the device.


What do the different chimes mean on the sentinels?

What event will cause a bound witness negotiation to occur?

Is there a way to test for proper functioning of the sentinels?

If some of these sentinels are defective, how do I get a replacement?

What would be the purpose of connecting a keyboard to the bridge?

As I get further into this I’ll post more.

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I can answer two of your questions.

All my original sentinels had issues, after contacting support and trying the things they suggested I finally got an RMA and returned them. They replaced all 8 and the replacements work fine.

You would connect a keyboard and mouse to the bridge to set up wifi, or change any other configurations under settings.

My Pi bridge stops seeing sentinels about an hour after a reboot. I am hoping a software update fixes that soon.

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I have had that same issue. However, 6/8 of my sentinals will not even register, and like your experience, power down with the beep. Updates don’t work at all on mine. I’m extremely novice at this, but even my more tech savvy friends can’t figure it out. Kinda stumped what to do…

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Hey XYO Team Members,

I too have been struggling a bit with my XY4+ sentinels since receiving them a couple of weeks back. I should just preface things by saying that I am a 2-comma XYO holder and have been with XY(O) since early 2018, so I am not a recent adopter. I am just here to share knowledge and interact with the community. :slight_smile:

OK - so here are a couple of my observations with respect to my XYO Geomining Kit:

  • One sentinel will never upgrade the firmware (from v0.53 -> v0.56), always seeming to fail on the ~455 block of the update. Following, it just “beep…beep…beep…beep’s” every so often. I had to stick it in a drawer, since it is driving my wife nuts (but she still loves Scott Scheper more than me). Battery was checked, and it is fine, so I am not sure where this one is headed.

  • The other 7/8…seemingly, ALL of my sentinels shut off (except “the beeper”, despite a battery check on all of them), consistently shutdown over a short period of time. I have opened each and reset the battery and upgraded the firmware to v0.56, but still no luck. There is no audible “tone” when they disconnect, rather it is only noticeable when trying to locate all devices within range. And on the topic of “tone”, I am not sure if the team has addressed this (since it seems a common question/concern), but documented beep patterns would be useful.

All from me - I am still so enthused about this project (despite my wife’s odd love for Scott) and will continue to support the cause as much as I can.

Keep fighting the good fight - XY(O) and the community at large.


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7 of my 8 sentinels will beep after opening them up and resetting the batteries. I re-opened the stubborn one , reset the battery again, still no answer from it. My bridge is updated, though i don’t know if the sentinals are. They don’t want to appear. I’m hoping the new update is software and is going to cover these communication issues.

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Hi Yomster,

Thank you for your reply. I will definitely talk to our dev team about the issue about Pi Bridge as well.

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I thought the turning off of the sentinels was them just going in to rest mode to save battery life. That is what I understood a member of XYO to state on Facebook maybe a week ago.

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Out of 8 only 3 stay on. Shut off about 4-5 mins. Also now getting a “reinitialize” on the Nearby Devices screen for the 3 that stay on. Any info on what thats about?

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@ggtz702 Hey fellow GeoHacker, OK, so I have the fix to your issues, I am going to put a separate thread for this, but I wanted to reply to your inquest. So I had the same issues on my sentinels (all 16 of them) regardless of what I did…until I did exactly this, and I have been able to replicate the results, so please follow this and let me know if you have success also. This little guide will be wordy but I am trying to explain things in a very detailed manner for those who are not super tech savvy. That being said, there aren’t any instructions that require simple reading and following these directions. Anyone with fingers and who can read should be able to accomplish this. Here are the steps:

  1. First of all disregard what firmware your on, we can work on that issue later, because regardless if I was on .56 or .56, I was able to stop them from turning off.

  2. You will need either a decent size flat head screwdriver or a little pry tool to open your sentinel. Don’t worry, its a very sturdy case and there aren’t any parts that are going to fall apart when you do this. Take the screwdriver or whatever tool you may use (plastic pry tool will do the least markings), and insert it into the small slot you will see on the side of your sentinel. Its a pretty obvious access point, once you insert the tip into the slot, just give it a slight twist each way both Clock and Counter-Clockwise. You should be able to pop the sentinel open or at least breach it open a bit so that you may work the screwdriver around it and pull it apart. You will notice the battery is the only thing that is loose inside, don’t worry it is suppose to be loose like that if the two half’s of the sentinel are not connected. Now take out the battery and leave it out for about 10 seconds at a minimum. Inside the sentinel you will see one half has nothing inside, the other is the micro-board of your sentinel. On that little micro circuit-board you will see a small black button that clicks in and springs back when you press it. Place the battery back in place on top of the little board and hold it into place with your thumb. Make sure the Positive side(+) is up facing you, and the Negative(-) is the side that is down pressed against the circuit-board. You will hear your sentinel spring to life again with a series of beeps. Now press that little black button while keeping the battery in place till you hear some beeps, this is how we know we have the battery back in place and that the battery still has some power in it(if you have your battery correctly placed and still are getting no response from pressing the black button, you may have a dead/dying battery, they can be ordered on eBay and Amazon and are called CR3032)

  3. At this point you are good to replace your two half’s back together. It doesn’t matter if the battery loses contact and the sentinel beeps on and off, just make sure then when you press your two half’s together, you feel it click down into position on all sides and that your button on outside of the sentinel still works and when you press it. You will either here, a short tune, or that quicker sounding noise, like when you pressed that little black button inside. Ok now we are ready for the App/Software activation of your sentinel.

  4. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the COIN app from the Google Play or iOS App store depending on your type of device. Now depending on how many sentinels you have this may be pretty easy or little bit harder, but in all pretty easy. Have all your sentinels placed pretty close to your phone/device you downloaded the COIN app on and make sure your Bluetooth is on. Now before you start your COIN app, you are going to press the button on your sentinels twice or more until you get that little quick tone that you will get used to hearing. Do this quickly on all your sentinels before you start the App. Once all your sentinels buttons have been pressed twice we are going to open the COIN App.

  5. Open your COIN app on your device and give it a couple seconds to load up. I am assuming at this point you have already made your account on the app, if not please do this before you run through this process. You will see on the bottom of the COIN app the number of sentinels that your device is seeing, it should may be going up and down and that is OK. At this point you will touch that little bar on the bottom of your app where it shows how many sentinels its seeing. This will open a little pop up window where you will see your device doing two things, seeing sentinels and verifying them. The important thing is the verification. Now the number of sentinels you see it seeing is not as important as the number it verifies. It may take 1 to 3 minutes but…you should see the number of verified sentinels go up to the amount of sentinels you have. Once verified, you will see that your sentinels will no longer turn off after four minutes.

  6. You may need to repeat the steps of clicking the buttons on your sentinels twice, opening the app, and then clicking into the little sentinel verification screen by touching the bar on the bottom of the app. Continue to do this until you get all your sentinels verified. If you have a sentinel that still turns off, but the number shows that you have all of your sentinels verified, don’t worry. Just take that sentinel giving you a hard time and repeat the process until it gets verified. You may see the verification number go one or two numbers higher then the number of sentinels you actually have, that’s OK also, as long as your sentinel stops turning off.

  7. At this point your sentinels should stop turning off and you should be able to use their full functionality in regards to the COIN app and gaining XYO. I hope this helped and please feel free to write back if you have any issues with the process. I know it seems like a lot, but I was very thorough in my methods and tried to simplify these instructions so that anyone regardless of their technical expertise could make it work. Thanks and good luck, go get that XYO!


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Here is the Link to the Full Thread with Pictures! Just to state again, this is a pretty simple process, but I made it a little long and thorough so please read through it, it will get your Sentinels to stop turning off!


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I’ve had the same issue with the Bluetooth and Gatt errors. Did you contact them through the forum or phone or email?


Through the support email address. Have the order # from your packing slip.


Did you send the bad ones back for evaluation?


They sent me an RMA and a shipping label. They sent the replacements after I sent back the bad ones.


Out of 8 only 1 stays on. Even replaced all the batteries. Assured good batt contacts.