Sentinel Broken Cases


Any help on getting new cases without the guts to replace ones that will not stay closed? They are broken from opening them with a coin replacing the battery. And opening them up to re-reset them trying to keep them awake. Maybe I was too forceful but the net result is that I’ve had to tape then closed.


@ggtz702 Hopefully XYO can get you some or there will be possibly a place to buy them from their site…that gives me an idea, XYO can make possibly custom cases maybe or ones with images you can upload to their site and have printed on the case, or maybe even a silicon jacket for them, like a thin skin rubberized case.

For now, have you tried maybe Silicon Adhesive, silicon will make a tight seal, possibly even water tight, but I wouldn’t want to test that theory with one yet, but silicon stays somewhat flexible and doesn’t get rigid, so it would still be possible to pop the case back open to replace the battery if need be and you wouldn’t need like a hammer and chisel to do it, like if you used super glue on the edges.



@ggtz702 we can help. Please head to and follow the right path for to get my colleagues on the case. Our head of customer obsession team will help resolve the situation.


that’s all fine and swell to tell me that but unfortunately I cannot find that particular point in your web site to go to. Send me a link oh-great wizard.

( and follow the right path)


@ggtz702 Head here then follow the link to support if you need to.