Seniors install and operational instructions


As a senior at 75 I am always looking to invest in new ideas and technology and that is why I purchased 325 shares and a Geomining Kit, Not being tech savvy I do have a suggestion and that is for YX to put all the associated links all on an instruction page especially considering seniors do spend a lot of money, if it was made easier I would look at investing by acquiring more shares. Also it would be far more benefical to me as an investor rather than have $600 in bonus articles is to give me extra shares as I am not interested in hats and t-shirts. Also I have no idea if my module is working as it never beeped when I tried to download firmware updates.

So please take into consideration that seniors want to invest in ideas that can made to be easier understood and operate as I have no idea how to activate the sentinels even after watching live presentation.

Terence Walsh


I agree… if a total novice can’t’ be handed the instructions & Told to figure it out… the instructions need to be modified. I’m a novice & missed a couple weeks of updating my brain. I brought my husband on board so 2 heads are better than one.


I agree with you Terence, I am 67


Hi Sharanne Lee,

What pisses me of the most is that they don’t reply to any of my emails and I have no idea how these sentinels and discs work also where I am living is there any other Geomining XYO investors?

I have emailed them at least 6-7 times and not one big fat zero response to my emails. I was prepared to invest another $10,000 and now I am rethinking if my original investment was worth my while. I am also not interested in bonus items such as hats, t-shirts and other crap worth $600.00, give me extra shares for that.

Thanks again,

Terence Walsh

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Hang in there. This Will be worth all the hassle. You got on board. Time to ride it out. Bumps & all, along the way. In the midst of missing info & catching up. I was scammed. So I’m glad to be caught up. Frustrating but glad the rush isn’t there like in most investments. Hang in there. You’re a team player.


Thor44. Fully agree with your comments. I am put off buying more as I already have two hats but only one head. Better to get an actual real coin or for xyo to donate the T-shirts & hats to a charity


May I ask how you got scammed was it XY?


Hey, Leesharanne, I’m so sorry, don’t know what I accidentally touched n it brought me here… I agree with y’all Seniors, I’m 65… sorry, n thx!


Do you mind if I ask who Alvarado are and did XYO help with your problem


I’m Luz Alvarado… and was reading all of the responses reference the “Seniors install” email and somehow touched something on my very sensitive cell phone and it took me to someone else’s email reply… I’m 65 years young, and considered myself computer lit, but evidently, my cell phone had other intentions, sorry… I hadn’t requested anything from our Geohackers yet, since I hadn’t have the chance, or the time, to read all of the emails that they’ve sent me, because my husband hates to see me in the computer, and that would take me hours; therefore, I hadn’t even installed my equipment yet, and I’m losing on earning big time!

Thanks for worrying, respectfully, Luz Alvarado


I’m a senior And I must have scammer sucker written on my four head. It happened again. How do I get my ex while wallet she told me how to get it then I transferred money into it now I can’t find it somebody please help me they start off being from admin and end up transferring somehow coming in as an impersonator. I am so disillusioned. Help


So you didn’t get your bank involved? That would be the first thing I would have done