Sending a XYO Sentinel in the mail will we get bound witnesses?


Check out the latest experiment.
Sending a XYO Sentinel in the mail will we get bound witnesses? (parts 1 and 2 in the description)


Do you happen to know if there is a difference between cryptographic bound witnesses vs. bound witnesses?


As far as i know they are the same thing.


I love the mail idea!

I would be fun to get a group of folks together to mail our sentinels to each other.

I imagine it like this, Put a sentinel in a padded envelope with your own address and stamped. Put it in another envelope sending it to someone else. They just have to open it and drop it back in a mailbox.

What would be fun is doing this with maybe four people and having an envelope that each person just opened and dropped it in a mailbox until yours gets returned.

If anyone would like to try this as an experiment, DM me and we can work out the logistics.



I am game. the trick is figuring out postage. At the counter it cost me like 3$ and some change. i am guessing both envelopes would need to be taken to the post office and postage set OR you pay to get it to me and i pay to get it back to you and visa versa. or if we were able to get like 4 people we could send them on to the next person. so P1 sends to P2, P2 sends to P3, P3 sends to P4 and P4 sends back to P1. and we would just include a 1-4 check list with the address (or postage labels) granted it might cost each one like 12 to 15$ in postage but it would be cool to see it land at someone else house and then shipped on.


You’re number two! Let’s take a minute to work out the details. You’re method is right on with what I was thinking.

There are many scenarios of how this could work. Let’s keep brainstorming and come up with a few methods.

Other miners out there please chime in!

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I sent one to Spain about 2 months ago…with live battery innit.

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Did you get it back?


No, the new owner is happily :pick: away! And creating BW as well.


My buddy is coming to see me at the first of the month. And we will do another BW count then


Is there a way to see data from one sentinel?

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I’m hoping for this to come soon. I have suggested in previous comments to I think Scott when I first came into geohacker. I am not sure if seeing top geomines came before or after. It is cool to see that but I am more interested in the details of times/locations/amounts :blush:.


What’s the status of this project? I took all mine on my travels to Europe from Australia. I didn’t come across any other miners all over. This was in March.


We have not worked out much bast this forum. Xix are you interested because i know that would be 3 of us ?


I checked with post office here and they have the “if it fits, it ships” small box for $7.90. That might make it an option for some if it cost more for just priority. They tell me that everything is zip code based. I’ll have to check if there is a way to figure out the price without actually going to the PO.

I didn’t realize you can’t do self addressed stamped envelopes anymore.



I could send yours and mine to my daughter in Texas or give you her address. She works in a hospital there.


Hey all…according to one of the recent videos posted by Steve G. he stated that the Sentinels aren’t talking to each other yet, since that is the case I don’t think there is any real benefit to sending them in the mail…yet!