Scott's "Future of XYO"

Curious as to everyone’s thoughts- I didn’t see it taking the turn it did, but it sounds like it’s for the best.

If you didn’t see it, check it out here:

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I’m glad you’re moving forward and made a wise business decision development of your xyo project is very important to the community and the investors including me we need some of these apps to have the working features for purchasing the bridges Sentinels the payment features to be active and to grow as a company as a whole much more Partnerships some decisions are hard what is in the mind to keep your company afloat and focus on the goals of the road map and if possible pursue listing on more exchanges when focusing on building value.

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There’s a new reddit group to discuss XYO that isn’t censored and controlled, if anyone wants to share their thoughts that Scott will ban from his sites. This is still America, the last time I looked.

Thank you for sharing this, but I’m good with just this, Twitter and Facebook :smile:.

Some people don’t miss freedom, to each their own. We’ll be there if you express a thought that Scott doesn’t like.

Condolences to all those who lost their jobs, and to all us investors who are suffering heavy losses.

To be honest I had been expecting even worse news than that.

A strong move from Scott and the team, but no doubt necessary. Hopefully they will continue to show this resolve, and build some investor confidence.


The ideas of promoting COIN in a big way and sentinels & apps earning rewards for app developers are fantastic.

We need to see solid progress with the Network, investors need to see it actually doing something.

This progress should be promoted in the press, try to get some XYO articles into news feeds.

It’s great Scott will communicate with the community directly. Ideally the Dataist would go out every week - the updates, energy and enthusiasm are very important. Ideally we would see a bit more of Arie on it as well, he has a very re-assuring manner.

That’s my 20 XYO’s worth!

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Wow, this really is a cult!! Are you for real? These bozos just made huge asses of themselves and their investors, and have not responded appropriately or at all to the many concerns that investors have been expressing. It’s really creepy how so many people seem to feel the need to flatter and pander to these very weak business people, who have essentially developed NOTHING, but a sales pitch for severely overpriced fan gear. If you get tired of XYO, I know of some very lucrative bridges for sale very cheap. Real bridges, not the useless ones XYO charged us hundreds of dollars for. I’m making myself sick just typing this. I really do hope you regain your mind. Those guys aren’t even cool, they can’t even fake it!! Why do you feel like you have to suck up to them?

Why are you even here? Why has no one banished this person?? Soooo negative! Poof! Be Gone!


Go read on the official xyonetwork reddit group. You’ll think I’m being nice! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but nothing I said is false. if you can’t handle the truth, maybe don’t play with adults. The solution to information you don’t like is to address it rationally. Shutting people up is childish and tyrannical.

I didn’t intend to suck up, just trying to find a glimmer of hope in a pretty grim situation.

I read all the forums avidly, it’s been clear for a while that confidence in the project has been dwindling, regarding both the token price and the XY company finances. This should have been addressed far sooner. (I even asked XYO to talk through the accounts with the community).

TBH if I was Scott I would probably be walking away from the project about now. But hopefully this is the moment they dig deep and turn things around, with the support of the community. Otherwise an amazing technical opportunity will be missed, someone else will eventually develop a similar network, and we all lose all our investments.


Hijacking every topic board to sound off on your displeasure of XYO also comes across as childish. You have some VERY valid points but they are starting to get lost in your zealousness. It is not that people here cannot handle the truth, it is just that they are not reacting to it the same way you are. There is a fine line between voicing your opinion and becoming an internet board troll. It is like getting mad at the cook at a restaurant and then taking it out on the other customers because they are not voicing the same anger you are. Again, I did not invest in this, I am in it as if it was a game and I like the concept. So I am not saying you are wrong to be frustrated because you lost your investment. But just because other people are still trying to make a lemonade out of this big lemon doesn’t mean they are sucking up or that this is a cult. Being an adult also means respecting other people’s opinions and reactions (or lack thereof). I am sure just about everyone here has seen your posts and some are joining your redditt group. So don’t let your voice get lost by becoming the board troll. Let your voice rise by voicing on the appropriate channels and directing your frustration towards, the cook, not the other customers.


Oh, so sorry! I got separated from the herd and evidently I missed the vote on the maximum allowable daily words for internet posting issue. Heck, I didn’t even know that the internet has a Constitution! When did that come out? Or are we just operating under flat out tyranny?

Did you ever hear about crabs in a bucket? I think you would like to know about them, you can google it. Sheep in the field is a good one too.

Hopefully, but doubtful from my perspective. I don’t think they ever had a valid business plan, that’s the problem. They had an idea, and never developed it. They got addicted to the income from their silly fan gear and hype. I don’t see mature business people here. I do see the same formula that took out hundreds of start ups in the 90s though. People who need to live like they’ve already become successful before they have will never succeed in business.

You may very well be right, I suspect most investors have been worrying about that for quite some time.

I imagine laying off 40 people was pretty sobering though, so maybe things will change for the better.

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I think everything will be ok. Again it’s a patience game. Uh oh Katie will think I’m under a cult spell since I disagree with her. :joy:


No, you’re just optimistic. You’re not swooning and lavishing praise where none is due. I would be happy to find that you are right. I’m just not seeing it.