Received& Installed SD Card....Now what


Installed it properly, signed in with my username. Once I opened the network app on my phone, it immediately crashed. Tired multiple times, crashed, uninstalled, reinstalled, crashed. Got it up online, can see my bridge, but still says not connected. It seems like the picture for my bridge, and the colors are different on the app, vs through the bridge itself.
Still cannot add sentinals, firmware conning soon? I thought we just got the new firmware with the sd card?
Anyone else experiencing these issues?


@Sordsmith no, you got the new bridge image with the SD card… be sure to check About in the footer and update to the latest bridge.

Assuming you’re Android? That’s the old version released April 1… XYO hasn’t released the update that allows you to flash your sentinel devices. At some point (hopefully soon) XYO will release the Android update and you’ll be able to update and claim your sentinels… but when is anybody’s guess.

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My XYO app also constantly crashes as soon as I replaced my SD card. It was fine before.

Anyone know how to fix it?



@Billy_Idle yeah, you wait… that’s what we’re all doing right now. XYO hasn’t released the Android update yet… one theory that made sense to me (would love to hear direct from XYO on what hold-up is) is that Android gets installed on almost countless versions of hardware whereas iOS devices are on a much more limited and predictable line of hardware. So testing is more easily accomplished on iOS vs Android. Don’t know if that is the case, but it made sense to me.

So don’t worry about even trying to open the XYO Network App… just wait for the update notification.


Ah right, that makes sense.

Thanks very much! :smile: