Real world cross chain advertising dApp

Cross chain advertising dApp

XYO verifies a consumer is near a public digital ad marquee. Advertisers can view “profiles” of nearby consumers. Profile data can include any amount of metadata that a consumer opts to share about themselves to incentivize particular advertisers. The profile also tracks historical purchases and ad viewing behavior. This historical data could be collected and stored via XYOs bound witness payloads or by BATs protocols. This further incentivizes advertisers to bid higher when they have more confidence in their ads potential effectiveness. The dApp provides users payment and checkout options then and there. Users could even opt to allow the ads to include their names for a premium. Advertisers could offer a small increase in payment for the consumer to stand in front of the ad. A little graphic in the corner says “John +150BAT, 15s” and tells me that if I stand there for 15seconds, I can collect additional payment. XYO can verify.

BAT allows advertisers to bid on opportunities to advertise to the pool of current real time consumers. A perpetual auction runs in the background for the next ad to be shown.

LA liquidates the physical ad marquee. Owner(s) collect 50% total BAT paid by advertisers, consumer collects the rest. (Or whatever distribution makes sense).

I would love to personally see this through. Please PM me if I can help. I can meet up in Winterfell.