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I’m looking to make a geo dApp. I’ve got some ideas and am really excited to get my hands dirty.

I currently do aerospace engineering and am typically technically sound, but haven’t delved deep into software. I’ve written about 50k+ lines of MATLAB, but I’m not sure that counts haha.

I’ll be on a windows machine and I’d happily accept some advice on what software tools to start with. A brief description on their functionality would be great.

I’d be pumped to beta test some geo dApp development software as well as it comes online.

Do I need to decide up front if I’m building on ETH or EOS?
Are we currently limited to ETH anyway?
Can I call multiple blockchains from my dApp? (I’m guessing this is the point).

I’ll be in Winterfel at the end of the month and would really like to stop by, get more familiar with blockchain development, and toss around some ideas. Let me know.


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Will winterfel host a dev workshop?

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I haven’t heard of any such thing. I was just reaching out because I’m very interested in learning and I’ll be visiting family near Winterfell at the end of the month.

I just wanted to stop in and get a good introduction into the Xyo ecosystem and DApp development.


SQK, I am relatively new to the space as well but would highly recommend learning solidity as that is the programming language used in Ethereum smart contracts. The second software I would recommend learning is Dapploy which I read about in this forum about a month ago. This is used to to help dapps go live in a much simpler way than current techniques.
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Look into Xamarin and MS Visual Studio

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