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I really believe in this project, but after buying a geomine kit/and staking and having personal Concierge call and some further research,
I do get the feeling that something is amiss.
I hope I don’t turn out to be fool.

If it’s not what you say, it dose seam that the foundation of this company has been built upon unstable ground.

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Yeah, I am watching closely. I think the company should be more careful about the claims they make. So far I haven’t made the hundreds of thousands of XYO that others allegedly have mined.


Snowflake warning!!! If words scare you, don’t read this!! You’ve been warned!

I’ve been randomly reading through their early statements and claims, and it’s really making me wonder if what they are doing is even legal. You would never know from reading their papers that they are discussing something that they are planning to develop. It all sounds as though “the Network” us up and running and that’s why we need to buy all this overpriced equipment. Aren’t there laws about how high a given product can be marked up before it’s theft?

Snowflake warning!!! If words scare you, don’t read this!! You’ve been warned!

This is kind of interesting from California Business and Professions Code Sections
12024.6. No person, firm, corporation, or association shall advertise, solicit, or represent by any means, a
product for sale or purchase if it is intended to entice a consumer into a transaction different from that
originally represented.

There are several strategies for generating larger amounts of XYO, but they are not “typical” cases.
On the XYO Leader Board, some of the geohackers are long-haul truck drivers who mine during their runs. A two-person driver team could mine new tiles 16+ hours a day. Similar to that, XGeoHacker (check out his youtube channel) has an extreme commute and travels internationally. He racks up 10s of thousands of XYO as he explains in his videos.

On a smaller scale, if you have multiple sentinels and phones, you can generate multiple XYO collection streams. Set up stationary miners at home and/or work. Use your primary phone for travel as the collections are greater. Note that you should turn off auto-collection on your primary phone near the stationary miners since XYO has an algorithm that will slow down tile regeneration if a single tile is being repeatedly mined by multiple Coin Apps.

Finally, if you have multiple sentinels, set them up for sentinel sharing (instruction elsewhere on this forum). Distribute the sentinels to others who will set up their own account and geomine. You will get 10% of the XYO they geomine via daily geodrops. If you are working with family or close friends, you can even have them use your cryptowallet public key and have Coin App withdrawals sent to you.