Product Testing


Is there a way to get the community involved in testing XYO products and/or apps?
I’m sure we would have lots of volunteers.
I’ve heard bug bounties mentioned in the past before also.


YES PLEASE!! I have 3 working vans that travel all over UK and Europe with 2 more to come next year.

Would be more than happy to be a Beta tester :slight_smile:
Yes XYO bug bounties please :slight_smile:


hi @FartGobbler any idea why this trans is so slow?


Love this idea. +1 over here


This was already on out To-Do list but moving it up to priority. Love that so much of our community wants to be hands on. Lead the way @FartGobbler!

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@FartGobbler BETA tester running a business with 3 working vans (and contacts with many more companies in the Industry) that travel far every day!! here reporting for Duty Sir!! :slight_smile: