Press On The Persistent Company

Really? That wasn’t my take. But that’s cool.

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Have you read the papers? They do have a plan and the latest action is to get back to the execution of the plan because they were going off course. This is ambitious technology and one can expect some missteps. Learning and making adjustments while executing is essential. Let’s see what they can do. This is huge if they can pull this off.


What you say is exactly the thing. It’s a great thing if they can do it. So different people take into account different things when deciding if they think it will happen. And personality comes in there too.

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I mean, did you really think about this before posting? Their plan is all about intentions. They intend to have a plan, they intend to improve on the plan, they have nothing but intentions and the money of trusting people funding their plans to have a plan. I suppose that it’s possible that they might end up with some plan that involves a product or service, but how likely is that, all things considered. I don’t even think it’s legal for people to sell products that do not have any true function, just the possibility of one based on “what if” scenarios that were never explained or revealed. If they presented their offerings honestly, who would have bought them? If they had spent their income from selling overpriced fan gear on development, and not themselves, that would be another story, but that’s not what is happening. They continue to take people’s money on the basis of promises that are presented as done deals. At this point, I don’t care if they end up making some honest money, I do not like being led around by the nose by people who clearly have no concern in the world for me or my well-being, all they want is my money to spend on their silly show-off videos. I say it’s a scam and it always was a scam, and I did not think that when I began to question this project. I actually was a fan at one point, but enough is enough, a person can only swallow so much hogswallop. They don’t behave like an honest company, trying to develop an honest product. They don’t want to hear from their investors unless it’s fan flattery, they blocked me from their reddit group and facebook groups. That’s not the way sincere people behave toward those who are supporting them, sorry. When you see people controlling the flow of information by blocking out valid comments and solid facts, does that give you confidence?

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Well, I don’t know Katie, but I believe SpaceX wouldn’t be launching a payload for a client without a plan. SpaceX must run a pretty tight ship to be used by the Intelligence Community, the Air Force, and NASA.

You really didn’t mention any specifics about sentinels, bridges, diviners, archivists, staking, governance or any other of a myriad of topics that the company published papers on. The equity offering is regulated by the SEC, so the company officers are on the hook with regulators and law enforcement. The audited financial statement that just recently came out shows the compensation of the officers, and they are nice salaries but not exactly out of line with salaries you would find in other tech companies in expensive cities on the West Coast.

What exactly is it that you want from your association with this venture that you are not getting?

This is a start-up venture and there is risk. You can’t get big returns on your capital without taking some risk. If you know of an investment that is a sure thing with huge profit potential I am sure I am not the only one who would love to hear what that opportunity is.

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Well said!!!

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A product. Something tangible that can be sold, rented, leased, or even launched besides irrelevant and outrageously overpriced fan gear. A product that is supported by the company, not some fawning volunteer fan boys. You can spend your days and nights suffering through the smoke and mirrors topics about what might our could happen, but that is not a business plan or any kind of plan, they are all just ideas.

The more I experience this company, the more it becomes a comedy show. People tripping over themselves to fawn on morons who had some idea that sounds great, and figured out a way to sell the promise of possible products that will be ever so cool and make everyone rich, if everyone just keeps buying overpriced and useless stuff that doesn’t work and even if it does, has no real function or purpose but to keep the monkeys busy. Sometimes you just have to cut to the chase in life, and here we are, cut to the chase. XYO had their first big crash, and their solution is to keep doing what they were doing that caused the crash, but do it even worse. How do you feel about paying them each over 200 grand a year for the pleasure of watching them fumble?

The activity of the last two weeks indicates that they are done with the kitsch, and focused on finishing the network.

The focus now is the Coin app and the are beginning to monetize it. They have indicated that usage of the app had been growing pretty well.

We are not insiders so we are not privy to what their priorities are other than what they tell us. Arie is now the public face and he is the one driving the developers, and most of us believe that getting the XYO network operating is the priority, which means a bunch of code has to be written.

I am one of those who is also waiting to see a significant client come on board, but that might not happen until the network is operational. It would be nice if one of their partnerships, Lyft for example, would come to fruition. FedEx could certainly be a great client if that research project became a way for people to track their packages in real time through bound witnesses recorded on the blockchain.

As for financing the company until they get to signing clients with real contracts that is something that is opaque to you and me. Arie and Scott have been around in Tech and likely know people with access to funds. They have stayed clear of VC and chosen to fund through the new SEC offering regimes. They have also put quite a bit of their own funds into the project. The reality is that you and I will not know of “the plan” until it is done and ready to announce publicly.

Finally, your pessimism has reached the market. XYO was forming a bottom, but today’s chart indicates the tokens are testing last week’s lows. There was at least one big buyer on the big green candle on volume last week, but the price is testing the low again. The one thing that can be learned from a price chart is if there are one or more big fish who have a bid under the tokens. It is the big fish that I will be watching if we can see what it is they are doing through their market activity.

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