Pizza Mind on Telegram

Pizza Mind (Aaron Malone - XYO’s Data Evangelist) was on Telegram for a wide ranging discussion this morning. Check it out if you want info on the inside view of XYO and the future. Note the 4:51 time stamp.



Same news as ever. “once we get it working, it will be really cool, and then we’ll document it”.

Same story as always.

Katie - did you read the thread as suggested? Telegram is disjointed so you have to go through a sea of responses. One key item is that Pizza Mind provided some screen captures of new functionality. I will just say that if they have a working matrix map up this month, that is real progress.

Meanwhile there was a Pizza glitch on the COIN interface confusing people. But it is good to see a serious tech effort is ongoing. Getting the matrix working in near real time would make me less grinchy about the whole thing.


Pizza :pizza: glitch? I’m curious, tell me more @bunnyhugger

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@Tmmike can you provide a link to the Telegram discussion?
I did a search but nothing came up :frowning:

Pinballdreamer, here is a screen capture of the Telegram channel group that I referenced. Pizza Mind is back on today so there is more XYO info to review.


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Thanks Tmmike, I just joined up and read through PizzaMind’s messages, very reassuring! :slight_smile:


I liked the honesty as well. Pizza Mind admitted that there are problems and that mistakes have been made. He also stressed that no one at XYO is giving up. Further, he made some key points about the technology. For those who do not have time to read Telegram, here are two screen captures that give his thoughts on the XYO Network and sentinels.




Great Thanks @Tmmike, I was looking at the XYO Network announcements feed.

If that’s reassuring to anyone, I’m going to start selling wild promises and predictions to suckers too.

All I see from this is “Pizza Mind”, Arie, is an insult against someone for asking a valid and reasonable question. Contempt is hard to cover, but I suppose some people are conditioned to be addressed and treated with contempt and like it, that’s the power of social engineering kicking in. Minds softened to happily embrace tyranny. I do learn a lot from this group.

What was meant to be a small group test accidentally added a pizza picture and link to the COIN app for a bunch of users. It was posted on the the reddi


nb. @Katie - Pizza Mind and Arie are two different people.

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Considering that the icon links to the nearest pizza shop, I’m thinking that it’s some little function they had created for ordering pizza and one of their talented and highly experienced developers accidentally lost control of it. Now they’re trying to figure out how to make a stupid mistake look like the the world shattering first steps to Mars, and think how rich everyone will be!!! And people buy it, that’s the real amazement here.

Okay, I’ll leave the fan club activity to you fans. Maybe someone could chart out the team and add swooning comments about each of them, so we could pick our faves. Oh right, they already did that!! Usually companies post information about their team that demonstrates the talent and accomplishments in detail. XYO is so adorable and fun, I keep forgetting that they are the cutting edge of the Future of Technology, even on Mars. I’m just one of those old school bores who still believes that 1 plus 1 equals 2. I’m learning though!!

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Actually @Katie :older_woman: 1+1=1 (click for proof)
It’s a Brave New World :rocket::wink:

Yes, I know all about your Brave New World. They bought that one in Venezuela too. You should take a trip there to see their Brave New World first hand, and save yourself some misery and embarrassment down the line.

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Enough of your ramblings, if I brought you a glass of water that wasn’t full you would probably complain and if I brought you one spilling over you I would get the same result. I’ve dealt with people like you all my life. Go play victim somewhere else or just do all of us a favor and shut it or at least be civil and constructive so the rest of us don’t have to be distracted by your BS.


What are your thoughts about Arie’s background as a malware developer? Any thoughts about that?