OMG! WHat happen If you Die or LOSE your crypto!

WHat hapens to Crypto if you DIE or you lose your wallet!!

If you die and have not given anyone your wallet details that is a big problem for people!!

Maybe not for the coins overall as its lost money increasing the value?

But surely people worry!!

I know I do already and I only have a small amount.

Anyhow how about built into the cryto asset is a contract which has a 'Next of Kin’which includes email and contact details for the person to pass the funds on to.

You could set the wallet so you would HAVE to access it daily/weekly/monthly etc to stop any money going anywhere.

Then if you do not verify to the wallet you are still alive not lost it within those certain time periods the wallet firstly emails the Holder.

Then if no response is received within one month from the holder emailing the smart contract back the Next of gets monthly (maybe) amounts paid to their email or a wallet address they hold.

To be able to email it would be lovely though a link which would then take you to the wallet download.

Just in case by that time the Next of Kin has forgotten all about it.

A hard wallet if lost would now be easily trackable with this location tracking tech?

I got a TREZOR WALLET that I am VERY happy with and hope to never lose it!!

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