OK I'm really confused!

Sent a note to support, no answer.

I was told staking goes active after 10 days. 12 days ago I staked about 52K worth of XYO. I don’t see anything under staking with my address.
When do you get paid for staking? Do you get your staked coins back? With other staking coins you see a transaction when you stake. So yes I’m confused, looked at the staking address and there are a lot of coins there.
Did I piss away my XYO, seems no one can answer question on staking.

It seems to me per:

…that stakes make money if someone pays to get info from that node. Right now, that is pretty much guaranteed not to be happening? I mean, there are very very few (no?) paying customers pulling tracking data from the system right now.

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Ahhh, so what you are saying is that I pissed away $100 worth of XYO. If it’s not active they shouldn’t have it on the mainnet.

The best I can tell: yeah. It’s a thing you can do but not currently a thing worth doing. Like fishing in a pond before it was stocked with fish. If I have misunderstood, I am sure someone will let us know.

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The whole XYO thing is really starting to leave a sour taste in my mouth. With other coins staking is there to help the network and to keep people from dumping. So now I have 53,000 that have earned me nothing. Almost ready to just say screw it, sell my kit, cash out whatever XYO I have left and get the hell out.

BTW, still waiting for an explanation on staking from support.

@madmartyk yeah, i tell you… when they announced they were rushing “live” staking after only having it on the testnet for a couple weeks, even BEFORE they had a working Android App that let you update your sentinels, I was really scratching my head thinking this was reckless of XYO and wondering why so many people were rushing to stake “for real”… it made no sense… i want to run my own archivist and diviner… that means i mostly want to stake my own equipment… doesn’t mean i won’t stake other equipment but there really is nothing to stake at this point, let alone a month ago…

hopefully this refocusing will help XYO get back on-track… i’m not sure i agree with focusing mostly on COIN (always seemed to be a side-show to me) but let’s see what they come up with… I really want them to succeed but to do that they need a working end-to-end network (even in alpha, beta, test, whatever) and need to get basic docs and software for us to install our own archivists and diviners… let those of us with the know-how and technical skills start banging on it and provide some real-world feedback… what they have available now just isn’t stable, even though I’ve worked through several builds from github…

All I have heard from support is crickets chirping…

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COIN is pretty much guaranteed to get heavy use as it is the first part of the system that pays the user, and they have been blanketing Facebook/adsense with adds for it. That’s how I got involved, based on promises of earnings.

It also starts the clock on needing to generate income because the people they brought in with this campaign are going to be mostly extracting earnings to USD as promised. So they will end up in a hole pretty quickly IMHO.

Of course many of these casual users may give up early on when they have trouble figuring out what to do.

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@bunnyhugger yeah, i worry about that marketing approach and for anyone who bought in “needing to generate income”… i guess i’m one of the few that got involved in this as a hobby because the technology is interesting… sure I’d love to at least break even on the hardware i’ve purchased, but i haven’t invested anything i can’t afford to lose… i’ve seen people post on reddit and here about being on disability and/or limited pensions and buying 2 or 3 “mining” kits and worrying because they weren’t able to plug them in and immediate “generate income”… but i don’t do facebook and don’t really see any ads when i surf the internet, so have no idea how XYO presented it… based on the livestreams i’ve seen and the shilling of “crypto packages” you might have a point…

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If you look at the address associated with staking, there is a LOT of XYO there. It looks like a lot of people wanted to check it out. I just hoping it comes back to us.

I have picked up some XYO on the exchange. Figured staking would help the network and generate some income. I also bought a kit, it is something to play with.

My point is that they were pushing staking, from what I see in the explorer a lot of people tried it. My Coin app is almost up to 10,000, I don’t like the implied claims that there are users that have earned 400,000 XYO using the coin app. It’s a bit misleading.

I’m just wondering if I will ever see my staked XYO again? It’s only 53,000 but that’s still $100. It’s not the 1st time I have been suckered by a crypto company, but I really like the ideas behind it all. I just hope there isn’t a exit about to happen.
I have seen too many DEVs cut and run with the cash.


@madmartyk but some users have earned that much for sure… early on with a sentinel I was getting about 20k every 2 weeks… around the time of auto-collect going live that dropped to 10k every 2 weeks… today i get a little less than that, maybe 2 weeks and a few days to get to 10k… I’ve cashed in about 120k XYO from COIN since I started in late Feb… one early COIN user was a long-haul trucker… back before auto-collect and when COIN “regenerated” faster, he would post some crazy numbers…

but with the number of users increasing, the rewards are shirking… that’s the same with any crypto project, even proof of work systems…

i would guess yes, you’ll get your stake back at some point… but hate to break it to you, at current prices 53k XYO is only worth about $55 currently… so HODL’ing probably makes the most sense because you don’t have much to lose at this point…


My reading of staking suggests it is a sunk cost. But that is just from reading the same things everything else is.

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Since you are so confident of this project, based on what, I’m not sure, but since you know things others of us don’t know, perhaps you would like to purchase my Geomining Kit? I paid $450, but you can have it at a bargain rate of $500, since the value has obviously increased based on your stunning review and guarantees. Let me know, I’m anxious to get my money back, or some of it. I’ll never get back the time, energy and cost of peripheral equipment that I’ve spent on this farce of a project, but you know better, so I know you’ll be jumping right on this deal. I even have the groovy stickers or cards or whatever .02 worth of crap they added into the box to add value. I’m sure they will become valuable collectors items along with all the rest of the fag gear, so I’ll just leave them in the box as an added bonus.

Based on what Im reading, there is no staking, because there is no network. XYO keeps giving us make work to keep us busy and maybe not notice that they’ve been straight up lying to us.

“Sunk cost” means it’s gone and your not getting it back.

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I’m hoping that one of the cult fans buys my equipment. If they believe in the project, I don’t know why they wouldn’t.

I finally got a somewhat answer on staking from support.

Phillip L. (XY - The Persistent Company )

May 31, 1:49 PM PDT

Hi Martin,

We are working hard on the interface for you to easily see your stake. You can always access the stake on Etherscan using your account public address. We are also working on updating the UI to unstake.

We will be adding an article soon on how to view your stake. Once we update the matrix viewer with an interface for viewing stake, we will publish information on how to use.

If you have any other questions, or need further assistance, please feel free to reach out again.

Warmest Regards,

Technical Writer
XY - The Persistent Company

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Won’t it be nice someday to log on and find out that XYO is no longer “working on” everything, but actually has completed something? I wish they would send me my money back while we’re waiting. I’ll work hard on sending it back when all systems are operational and well-supported.

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