Not showing up on Matrix Heat map

I was wondering if developers would be less likely to develop XYO integration and bean counters less likely to approve proposals given the limited data that is aggregated being displayed on the Matrix heat map?

I know that I would love to integrate a product that I’m hoping to relaunch here in Australia, but reluctant to divert funds from other development tasks due to unknown reach and usability within the areas my product/s will operate.

I’ve been gaining bound witnesses, have sentinels, swapped sentinels, have 2 bridges with a 3rd one waiting allocation of funds.

The past month I’ve pulled integration to a halt because of the lack of definitive and reliable feedback on the heatmap matter.
I’ve been told to adjust my setup, restart my phone and bridges, travel to various areas away from where I have normally gone in case of a problem in the areas I have normally traveled, conducted updates, waited for heatmap to be fixed as it displays only a portion of data, I’ve watched Youtube clips etc.

It is great one can now prepare geo-drops, but without having a sense of when activity on the network actually is, there is no point planning out geo-drops!

Questions I currently have:

  1. When is the heatmap likely to be up and going with the full data set show?
  2. Is it likely to have a last updated reference on the map?
  3. Is it live or what frequency are the updates to the heatmap?
  4. Is the heatmap cumulative? Or is it for only a rolling set time?
  5. Will it be possible to time travel with the heatmap, so that one can see the ebbs and flows of presence over aggregated time periods?
  6. What threshold is required to show up on the map? 2 bound witnesses in a given area; 20 bound witnesses in a given area over a given time?

XYO has some great concepts but the development community need to understand and have workable planned timelines in order to schedule their development.
Also our user community need to have confidence to further invest into the network.
I know I would love to invest further and advocate further within my own networks but can’t field the questions that are likely to be asked (which are the same questions others have been asking here but seems to be solutions that are hit and miss.


We keep saying the same things and they keep ignoring us, or worse, sending out the Cheerful Cheerleaders to Cheer themselves on. Still not seeing one sign that XYO has a clue about much of anything but self-promotion.

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I have never seen any indication of when they expect to be both operational and stable so the system can be used.

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Lol… I better not comment here… Other than thank you for your clever verbiage.

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