Not showing up on Matrix Heat map

When I go to the Matrix website and look at the map. Its has some of the bound witnesses showing in my area but not all of them. I should have them scattered across 3 states. Why are we not seeing them? I am connected to an Archivist.

@Blaster Sentinels need to offload their data to a bridge for it to make it to the network, so be sure to bring them back into proximity of a bridge. And are you connected to this archivist?

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It’s “”

Don’t leave out the bound port. Type it in exactly like above, without the quotes.


Yes! @ricthesoundguy

I’m not on the heat map either. I own a bridge, and my mobile phone is also a bridge.

My mobile says I have 35 Cryptographic Bound Witnesses, but 0 in the network. Does this mean they are not being uploaded to the network?

On the mobile it says the archivist is

Do I need to do something else?

Many thanks

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I am using the xyo network app on my phone. I have the correct link to archivist. Bound witnesses on device are going down. So I assume they are being counted.

I have the same problem, I am using the XYO Network app on iOS but when I try to add the archivist it says "Firebase ID Token has expired. Get a fresh ID token from your client app and try again (auth/id-token-expired)

I had to restart my iphone to get that message to go away.

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That worked!

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I’m confused here. Still pretty new to this but I have my phone as a bridge at home. When I came home my sentinel should automatically load the data to the bridge, right? How do I know if it did? I checked the coin app and my total is still the same. Am I doing something wrong?

The data that loads to the bridge is separate data than coin total. Your coin total will always increase until you decide to make a withdrawal of anything over 10,000.

I thought getting a bridge would increase your coin total? If not, what’s the point of having a bridge? I see no totals for the bridge. I guess I’m still confused.

Hey there folks

An update after a chat with one of our Dev geniuses.
We’re actually updating content on the Archivists right now, and as a result the data on The Matrix doesn’t currently represent all the data…But it will shortly.

Rest assured that the team’s working hard on it…

Thanks to everyone for their continued patience and support for what we’re doing here.


Hi Larry, Thanks for the update on your chat with the devs on this. Do you know why it’s taking so long for the BW beacons to be updated to the Matrix Map? This has been the situation since around 7th May. I know everything is still in Beta, but if the Map was once working, what’s the hold up in having it just update perhaps once a day?

It’s gives some level of confidence to COIN users that their efforts in mapping out the Matrix is indeed working and that we are contributing to the data being collected. It seems really odd that the Map seems broken without any proper explanation. Why not take it all down in the mean time or have a message show on the Map that it is not being updated?

Or better yet, have a status update on when the last BW occurred so folks can immediately know the status of the Matrix?

Thanks in advance.

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Looks like the Matrix has not updated in about 6-7 days. any news on when it will start updating regularly?

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Did you ever read or see the play Waiting for Godot? Therein you will find your answer.

37,000 BWs and counting and still not on the map lol

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I literally have zero. My phone shows 4 bridges and no sentinels. Can not add sentinels either. So bummed.

You might want to start a troubelshooting thread either here or on the reddit about your sentinels problem. If the staff see it they should be able to fix it or send a replacement?

Also, they seem to be a lot more responsive in the Facebook group.