No HDMI on Bridge with mailed sd card

I added a 7in touch screen to the bridge but all I get is a blue screen with “no signal” in a grey box this is with the mailed new sd card. So I tried the original sd card and the screen works and Rpi boots and app s tarts.Then I flashed a new sd card and got black screen, Nic amber light off, green off but Rpi red light is steady and green light off. Any idea’s.
thanks Ric Thiem

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I’m having precisely the same issue. rather confunding for someone like me

add the below to you config.txt file the 800 480 is you resolution so you might need to change that and yes make a back up of it first

hdmi_cvt 800 480 60 6 0 0 0

Thanks so much, thats what i was hoping for.

ummmm, huh? im on my second SD(of the new) card and beginning to think this is user error. Why would my tv have retrieved the data for the orginal card, but for the new one is says Retrieiving data, and then No signal. I dont know how to fix it. can you help?

Evidently, the Bridge isn’t even useful right now, and possibly may never be. XYO has us all running around like chickens without heads based on false information they keep giving us. Based on fact, there is no reason whatsoever to set up a bridge. There is no network for it to connect to.

Have the volunteer support people here abandoned us? I haven’t seen them for a few days.

You should probably to go the official XYO reddit group and read there, people are telling it like it is, and evidently the XYO Snowflakes have been fired, so people aren’t being banned and blocked for stating the facts. Not as of a few minutes ago, that is. Based on what I’m seeing, this company was always designed to be a cult, not a business. Like they are trying to mimic CrossFit, because maybe they think that company’s success is due to brainwashing silly people into spending big bucks in exchange for feeling cool. It’s just that there’s nothing even remotely cool about Scott the Schlepper or any of those dudes, and beyond that CrossFit is a viable and genius business model that actually does generate business and provides ample income and wealth for many affiliates. They need to start working on the network they have been advertising since Day One, and promising to deliver “any day now” for months. All they are doing is constantly trying to generate income by selling overpriced and overhyped fan gear and hyping about going to the Moon and Mars, when they can’t even get their network here on Earth running. There is no XYO Network and there is no product, just the COIN which is tanking right now. The only hope for XYO right now is to continue to attract nerds who like that feeling of being a part of something cool. I guess everyone can seem cool to someone, even that pathetic clown Scott. Sorry, but he robbed me of my hard earned money and in exchange muzzled me as though I’m a dog for mentioning that there are issues here.