No emails from XYO


Are things good with XYO, price drop??? No emails from Mike…


The price “drop” is nothing but background noise because of the crypto bump being experienced right now by BTC and by extension all the other major cyptos (ETH for example). If the bears come back in force causing BTC and ETH to drop, likely we’ll see a “rise” in XYO prices as the ratio of XYO-ETH comes back together.

As for Mike, I too was missing my daily emails, but he’s started up again. Still wish he’d go into detail about why Facebook yanked the day 1 feed that other day. I emailed him asking what was up but nothing. Given that FB is rumored to be exploring a FB token, I find it hypocritical if they took the “all crypto bad” line to nuke a potential competitor.


Facebook is two face… we know that…From reading Mike’s email it sounded like Scott was moving too fast for them. I have a feeling Arie pulled the reins a little.

I agree in regards to the drop… Also it sure is taking long for them to get the IOS app approved.

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