No bound witnesses


I don’t have any bound witnesses even tho I have a friends sentinal along with my own and have been to a clients twice that has a mining kit…
Guess the systems not working right? I also don’t see anything on the map except xyo hq…


Have you tryed updating the sentinels?..or down load the XY find it app…In the app you claim the sentinel. That may help?@lightingstruck


Updated just yesterday but have kept up with updates since recieving my kit…
I have find it app with all sentinals registered and it isnt working either. Just asks me if i want an email when located.find it also shows most of my sentinals at my house but i have 2 in ohio and one in louisiana… it shows one in ny from when my sister took a trip but its stuck there,it should be in ohio.

I also dont see anything on the matrix map except xyo headquarters.


I alsò tested all sentinal batteries that i have here and all were almost 3v… im about to send new sentinals to my f&f and get data from ones they have and test those batteries.


Try this :slight_smile: