New user geominer handbook?

Not sure this product was ready for prime time from the comments but we are all in. Let’s make it work.
1.0). I have followed the “thin” set of instructions to set up my bridge and sentinels assigned to back pack, car, key chain, usual stuff.

2.0). Only one sentinel appears to be “doing” something. I had my key chain with my black sentinel next to my desk and all day long it would start ticking then sound off with an uplilt chime. Then a few minutes later it would start ticking again. Repeat ad infinititum ad nausem. No other sentinels are behaving this way. In fact they do not appear to do anything.
2.1) my black sentinel has switched behavior. It now just randomly fires off 5-6-7 of the uplilt chimes. Goes silent, repeat. AD INFINITUM AD NAUSEUM. Had to ban my key chain to the porch to get sleep. Still no other activity with other sentinels.
2.2). Non tech Geo miners like me need a handbook in plain English on how to set up sentinels for optimum performance.
2.3) create a codec of functions, chimes, chirps and beeps. Explain what each message sounds like and the function and response if necessary. Examples (not actual)
2.3.1. Turn on sentinel up-lilt chime
2.3.2. Turn off sentinel down-lilt chime
2.3.3. Memory full place sentinel next to bridge. Four short quick button push
2.3.4. Low battery. 3 steady beeps. Replace battery.

Hey Turby,

You can access the detailed instruction of Geomining kit set up here:

We are currently working to make new videos of Geomining kit set up. Please stay tuned for any updates!

You can definitely email at with strange behaviors on your Sentinel.

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@Gintonic did you mean to release the app already, or af 12pst? It’s already been released on android… here is a screenshot to show im not lieing.

Am i right in thinking we need both a xyo bridge (not an android actinv as a bridge) and some xyo sentinals(i have 2 xy4’s). Are you going to put bridges up to sell individualy? I need to buy in a peacemeal style bwcause if my partner finds out i have any funds she’s spent it before i can do anything for myself.

Edit: i guess my sentinals are enough. Here is the screen shot of my first mined areas.

At the moment the minimum withdrswal is 10K…

at using todays exchange rate, the current minimum withdrswal is £20.49.

If an area has already been mined you need to wait for it to renew. Like with pokemon go this takes about 5 minuets.

Thinking about the pokemon go angle, can you develop either a premium option, say for 10% of takings where your phone can auto capture an area like the device that pokemon go msde which auto captured the pokemon? At current we need to manualy click the capture button.

That clicking noise runs your battery down really fast. I have one that was doing it and it finally died. Another started the same thing, I’m expecting it will die in the next few days. I swapped the batteries on the two problem units and the dead one came back to life while the other was dead. So, I christen the noise " The Sentinel Click of Death". They both seemed to work to some extent. Have you updated the firmware on the sentinels? The two that started the clicking will not update because of a Bluetooth error “Null Gatt” or some such. If they won’t update that may be a clue that they are defective.

I did not have the clicking issue but I did have a couple sentinels that would not update no matter what I tried. Pulled the batteries out and checked them, they both read ~3V. I replaced them anyway and voila! they both took the update with no problem. All my sentinels are now 4++. Seems strange but, hey it worked for me.