New sd card for the bridge?


is it going to take 7-8 fucking weeks to receive the new update?


YES! :stuck_out_tongue:. Jk

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I haven’t received an email from XYO about the new SD card yet. Should I be worried?

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Check your spam folder
That’s how I found out about XYO!


Reach out to the customer service, they got straight back to me with the google forms link.

Use the same email address you used when ordering the Bridge!

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This is the link I received, it may work for you but I’m not an expert on links and can’t be sure it’s not customer specific…


That form should work just fine for anyone. Thanks for sharing it.


Man, I hope not! It’s gonna take forever to flash all these new cards, but I’m looking into renting a machine that can do a hundred at a time. To buy it, costs like $10,000. Hopefully it’ll be closer to 3-5 weeks. Which is fine, everything is still using Koven Test Net anyway, nobody is missing out on any mining rewards.


I used the form, no probs.

Thanks very much for the help, y’all! :smile:

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Why do they not simply put it out as a download so we can flash the old card by ourselves?

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It will be made available so people like yourself with the technical prowess to do so, can. I’ll tag you on here when it’s up. Not sure when, but soon. A lot sooner than 3-5 weeks :smiley:



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Here we go.


@pizzamind Thanks for the link :+1:
I appear to have my bridge working with the new OS :grinning:

Can’t wait for the iOS app to drop in the store :crossed_fingers:


p.s. I definitely recommend using balenaEtcher to flash the new image. Super easy !!

Claiming Your Bridge and Sentinels

Thanks pinball


Thanks for giving me enough information to help complete this journey! Also, I’m gonna share my experience in case it’s helpful to anyone.

First off, the Windows 10 directions on the Developers website didn’t work for me. As far as I can tell, dd is a valid Unix command but it doesn’t work in Windows. As has already been stated, using balenaEtcher made it much easier.

With regard to balenaEtcher, it initially wouldn’t recognize the image. The download was a .img.tar.gz file. I downloaded 7Zip and extracted the file from GZ to TAR, and then extracted again from TAR to IMG, and then balenaEtcher was finally able to recognize the image.

After that everything flowed smoothly…except somehow the Amazon Basics keyboard I hooked up to my bridge defaulted to a UK layout instead of a US layout, and it took me a second to figure out that " (usually Shift+’) and @ (usually Shift+2) were reversed. It made entering my email more annoying than it had to be haha!


Yeah, the download is worthless!

I had to go buy a sd2usb converter in order to flash the SD card. And it still didn’t FUCKING work!


Did you extract the file?


Yes; I’ve :honeybee: n examining all contents also. I’m on a Windows 10 machine but that should not matter