Need Some Representation From the XYO Staff

Unanswered questions. Much confusion about everything from firmware to, everything. Where are you XYO guys (and girls). I don’t except the devs to answer questions directly, but a freakin intern could at least track whats going on here and represent the company in a professional manner.


Well said. Couldn’t agree more


For more constructive criticism on my part…

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Let’s all take a breath.

I know the team over in San Diego is working their tails off to get this thing going. Anybody here who’s ever tried to launch a start-up knows they are in it up to their chins.

When things aren’t moving as quickly as I want them to, it’s a great cue to take a breath. It’s OK to pause.

Whatever you believe, it might be a good idea to just send them some love and encouragement right now. I wish I could help in someway. Maybe I can?

I wonder what would happen if every single person on this forum started asking the question, “how can I help?” It could just be taking a breath and trusting that they’re working as quickly as they can.

I can hardly imagine how many emails they get asking for support, and they’ve always been there for me when they could. It’s growing exponentially. Slow and steady actually does win the race, so may be a pause is a good thing.

I don’t think any of us here needs or wants this thing to grow more than the other. There’s a reason we’ve all invested. We are all possibility people.

I think what Scott may need more than anything is to lock himself in a dark room and sleep for a couple of days without any electronics around him. I hope they’re all taking time off.

if there are typos above, let’s blame it on auto correct and voice to text. And for those of you who grew up like I did in Analog World, can you believe we even have that technology?! It’s freaking amazing! It’s Star Trek, y’all.

This stuff is trippy, and we are in a pioneering position. I don’t know how I was targeted to receive the initial ads that came to me - and I wasn’t even in on the very beginning. I’m just grateful that somehow an algorithm decided I’d be a good fit for this little tribe.

So, for all your analytical folks this may seem a little bit much, but I invite all of us to just take a breath and send Love into the field that is XYO. Love and Gratitude… and a little bit of patience while our team of super geniuses catches their breath.

Love to San Diego!

@pizzamind - Will you sprinkle a little bit of love to the folks over there in San Diego?

I can only imagine the kind of space you guys are holding. I only have a few clients at work and some days it feels like a lot to manage. When I put myself in your shoes, my brain starts to overheat just thinking of the demand.

You’re building more than a company. You’re building an escape hatch for many of us who have struggled to make it in US dollar world. I’ve never seen a light at the end of my financial tunnel as brightly as I see with XYO. For me, this company means freedom. If it does what I envision, i’ll be able to finally do some things that really matter for my family…and free myself from dollar debt. What you’re building will be changing so many lives for the better.

I’m sure there are days when It feels a bit MUCH😳, but you guys have this. We believe in you.

Love & Gratitude from Texas.


Thank you @XYOhMy. Feeling the positive Texas :star: vibes out here in California.

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So glad, @Smalheiser!
Then I’ve done something worthwhile today.