N.w. Ohio. Anyone near


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I am down in Cincinnati. Probably a bit too far for a meetup but happy to chat etc.

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Just started mining. Crypto currency new to me. Just using phone app for mining. Seems like sentinels are having shut off problems.
How do you mine?

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I’m down in the Cincinnati area also. Much like @rjinxs it is probably a bit too far for a meetup. But also happy to chat anytime.

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@rjinxs whereabouts in Cincinnati are you. I live on the far East Side near East Fork Lake. I work up in the Hamilton Fairfield area.

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Hey Derrick…I am in Anderson Township area. Funny though…I was just out your way mining yesterday. Hadn’t been to East Fork Lake since I lived over that way about 15 years ago…unfortunately the lake road was closed, got some good mining completed though. :slight_smile:

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As for your sentinels turning off - their are instructions for fixing most of those issues posted in this forum somewhere. Check around for those and let me know if you can’t find it and I can provide a link. Currently, I am trying different methods of mining and am currently doing some automated mining testing.

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Anderson, you say. We used to live off of 8 Mile and Clough behind the UDF about 6 years ago. We now live in the Bethel area but more towards Amelia.

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Cool…if you are interested maybe we can get together sometime. I am Randy by the way – and maybe somewhere down the line we can get a meetup with our friend from up north.

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How is auto mining working?

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I will be happy to share that once I confirm that it is working correctly. I am about to head out for some testing now…so I’ll let you know.

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How did testing go Rj

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Please explain how to go about setting up a meet up


Couple people live down by Cincinnati, i live by toledo. Have to post here. And negotiate a meet up time , place


Set up geominingohio on telegraph app. Two other channels much more active than here


Hi you mining buckeyes. Is everybody happy with xyo


@samson440 Yes I am, but I must say I was happier with the previous version of the COIN app then I am with the automatic mining update. The refresh time is 11 to 12 seconds now compared to 2.5 seconds. And there are fewer tokens collected now versus the previous version. I would average 1400 tokens on my way to and from work (2800 round trip). Now I can only seem to get around 500 (1000 round trip). Was hoping to average 10000 to 15000 a week. now looks like it’s going to take me a week and a half just to reach 10000.

But still great and can see the future in this. I know there will be more updates and there will be things that are liked and things that are not liked.


Ty. My wifes app updated, and is slower than my phone that is not updated


Auto mining in coin app the way to go


Hello Ohio