Multiple Mining Kits?


Is there a benefit to purchasing multiple mining kits beside the extra sentinels?


@Mamahunnybee Having an multiple mining kits would only help if you had multiple locations you really needed a bridge to be at. As the program XYO develops, mobile devices such as tablets, phones, even laptops running android based OS (chrombooks) can act as a bridge. Having more Sentinels could help more, due to their interaction with other devices, size, and ease of use. Plus as the Bound Witness part of XYO comes into play(in the next month) the more mobile Bluetooth interactions your phone/device and Sentinels have the better. Having another full Bridge would only really be beneficial if it was housed at a location where it could constantly be absorbing BW data from Sentinels, maybe such as an area of high people traffic, like a corporate office, public office, etc. At this time I would say its better to have more Sentinels than a secondary Bridge. Also XYO is working on putting out a new and updated Sentinel, that may have more capabilities. So I wouldn’t go crazy a get too many Sentinels. I have 16 and I find that way more than enough for my needs.


@ReconCatLord thank you for the info. My brother is so amped about XYO that he purchased multiple kits and invested. I don’t want to fall too far behind and wasn’t sure if I should be doing the same. Is there a way to private message in here?


Yes I sent you a private message and in it how to send one yourself.


Thanks for starting this discussion, because I think it will become more relevant as the bridges become more operational. I have a bridge from the kit I ordered…and another from buying stock…and eventually another from the Dataist Blackbox. I’m completely new to blockchain and IoT and all of this, so I welcome ideas about what to do with the extra bridges.


@mellomelfro You can place them in spots where they have a good connection, either direct Ethernet or a Good Wi-Fi connection; one in your home, one at work, maybe one at a location you travel to often where it will be safe and you have access to it. Also you should be able to get remote access to them, they run on a Android OS, so in theory you should be able to make some small setting modifications and log in to them from your phone, possibly do a screen mirror. As the new bridge firmware/software image gets updated and developed, it should have a more user friendly setup, and be easier to modify to achieve this. In actuality, all the XYO Bridges are, are a Raspberry Pie (I think a B+ or a Pie Zero) with a fancy 3d printed case. They can be imaged many different ways with different distros of operating systems; linux, kali, android, all depends on what is loaded on the SD card. So essentially you can turn any wireless or internet connected device with rudimentary hardware into one, its the software that makes it a “XYO Bridge”. One device you may want to look at since you seem very into this(not many have 3 bridges) is an Intel NUC. They are very portable, extremely powerful computers, can run almost anything and make great additions for any tech lover. Search for some online, like in Amazon. They even have gaming edition ones that are extremely powerful!

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Thanks for the time and the response! And though I am getting quite into it, the three bridges are not by design–it was just a byproduct of XY and XYO announcing subsequent products I saw value in and the bridges were included. I actually brought that up in my Concierge Call today as something for the team to be aware of. It would be nice not to keep adding to my bridge collection every time I decide to purchase something.

I’m not too worried about connectivity or access. My main concern would be the logistics of keeping it powered. I think I’ll start with having one each at opposite ends of my tiny apartment. And then maybe keep the third at someone else’s place, once I get a sense of the timing and mechanics of creating Bound Witnesses.

Thanks again for the info. Also, thanks for your service. I did 12 years in the USAF and my AFSC (MOS) put me in a Joint Service environment, so I spent way more time with the Army than anyone else haha :upside_down_face:


@mellomelfro Thank you for your service also!! Just was wondering you said you spent more time with Army then AF, were you a JTAC or TACP or SWO. My MOS is 13F, Forward Observer and I went to the Joint Fires Observer course (JFO) and certified to drop munitions and do CAS and other Close Air Support Missions. I primarily work with TACP on a daily basis, I actually just got off from a night shift where I worked side by side with a TACP/JTAC, doing artillery SEAD missions and then him and me both calling in sets of Aircraft to support our ground maneuvers, we just had A-10s, F-16s and a Bone (B1 Bomber) doing joint drops for a training event, it was Awesome doing the deconfliction and having sets of assets all dropping within minutes of each other while we employed mortars, 155mm Paladins and 120mm mortars from my guys, we even had an AWT team from army aviation wrecking tank hulks with Hellfires.

I need a Fucking job! Please hire me!

@mellomelfro Thank you for your service!!


You’re a bit more forward operational than I was. My “MOS” was 35P, Cryptologic Linguist. Basically all Linguists across the Services are tossed into a giant pool based on Language and Area of Responsibility. Even in AIT I was mixed in with Army, Navy, and Marines. My language and specialties primarily placed me on Army Posts. I did have a couple of special duty assignments where I trained people in what to expect from adversary tactics. You mentioning SEAD took me back there for a second. :slightly_smiling_face: Keep up the good fight!

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Because the Bridge requires logging in, will any additional Bridgess require secondary logins or will multiple devices be able to share the same ID? I’m asking because I have a 2nd mining kit being delivered by snail (4 weeks so far!). I imaged my first Bridge, but you are mentioning building additional bridges. I considered that when I saw the Raspberry Pi backbone they are using, but somehow each user will need to register to avoid spoofing. Id love to build a faster, more powerful Bridge, but my question then becomes Why? Anyone having answers to my questions, thank you in advance!


@swimdragon64 I think spoofing only comes into play with COIN, so I would imagine same login on bridges is no issue. But the only reason I can think of to have multiple bridges would be if you had multiple locations to place them, say home and business where different sentinels are in play. The job of the bridge is to take sentinel data and relay it to the network (archivist). No point in running them side-by-side and I can’t think of any reason they need to anything other than a low-power Pi (just a waste of electricity).


I’m not sure you ‘login’ to the bridges with your account.
I did this last night with my bridge and the latest update and I think what happens is you create a password which controls access to the bridge. Then you have the option of registering yourself as the owner of that bridge. Once you do this it will show up on the XY network in your account.
Later on we’ll be able to attach an address for payment.


@pinballdreamer yeah, that’s what I meant by login… I guess “claiming” the bridge is a better description, just like you are going to “claim” your sentinels… if the firmware ever shows up! :+1:

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Yep :+1:

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Well supposedly the firmware is available for the iOS XYO Network App and people are updating or attempting now, and claiming their sentinels… Nothing yet for the Android Network App although on the livestream today they kept seeming to suggest it was already available for Android too… What’s weird is when I look up the XYO Network App in the Play store on my desktop, the last updated date is today April 17, 2019… but when I look via my installed app on my phone, it’s still April 1, 2019… just a delay between posting and having it available to a given device?

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I need a Fucking job! Please hire me!

I’m fairly new to the tech. I have a bridge and 8 sentinels. I use a single sentinel on my key chain while the other 7 sit home. I feel like there is a better way to use my sentinels. How can I benefit from using the others (e.g., gain more XYO)?

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@tfordchevy Hey there, welcome to Geohackers! There is a couple of things you can do to make earning XYO more convenient and might even increase your daily earning.

So here are some ideas:

  • Put a Sentinel in your car, use double sided tape or put it in the center console or glovebox. That way you have a mobile Sentinel that will be very beneficial later on when Bound Witnessing grows and plus you will always have a Sentinel present when your driving and for anyone else in the vehicle to ping off of.

  • Place one in an area that gets high foot traffic, somewhere you walk by often or others walk by or linger around. Exactly for the same reasons as above!

  • You already have one on a KeyChain so that is probably one of the best uses of one, but expand on that idea, if you have family or friends that carry keys, let them carry one. They can also use COIN app on their own account, but can withdraw the tokens to a Wallet of your designation if they want to help you build.

  • See if you can put one in a waterproof or elements proof bag/container and place it near the front of your home or living area. That way when bound witnessing happens, you will be making plenty of connections to feed your bridge with as people and device pass your location.

  • Place one in an important carry item, something maybe like a laptop case that you bring to work or carry often. That way you can even earn XYO while at your job or any other location, plus same as above, more chances for bound witnessing data.

Also remember Sentinels are all bluetooth tracking devices, that can help you find lost items, get last known locations, and make remembering hiding spots for valuables really simple. Hope this helps a bit, thing out of the box, there really is no wrong answer, the sky is the limit!



Awesome feedback!! Thanks for sharing!!

Timothy Ford


@tfordchevy Anytime! Happy to Help, feel free to ask anything, anytime, if I don’t have an answer I will find someone who does!