Move from hardware to software

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Elon launches thousands of LEO satelites for broadband!! XYO you dont need to launch your own. There are at least 3 companies who are launching these broadband satelites… I truely hope you are working on developing the “software” sentinal, bridge, archivist technology. The bluretooh unit is becoming antiquated, and you will never reach saturation with this device. XYO GEO locators need to be integrated into the IOT, TV’s, Microwaves, Fridges, Cars, Cell phones. Lets keep out in front… Dont leave the software development to others Half the previous years marketing should go to software development. Once we can demonstrate a working platorm that is truelly decentralised, works with any connected device and uses all RF frequencies we will win!!


Hey @nody6262 great thoughts.

Something like “XYO inside” on smart devices of all types is going to be key to broad deployment.

You’ll like what we have in store, space-wise and other.

Thanks for weighing in. Great to have you in the Community!

Hey, thanks for the response. I know i will like what’s happening… can you just let me know that there will be a software solution in the future, we have to get away from the current Bluetooth hardware. I know XY has a lot of inventory to move from the findit days… is there any info you can give?

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We’ve definitely talked about a software solution in the future, publicly, so Yes. No timeline…

Thanks. Please dont rely on external Dev’s working on a solution from Github. The software solution is the only way that GEO location will get mass adoption.

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We do our work in house.

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