Mobile, Alabama, USA

Would certainly like to meet up with other locals and share information regarding XYO.

I’m new to geohacker and mostly clueless. I purchased everything the company had to offer. I trade crypto currencies and I’m interested in knowing more about xyo.

Hi Jeff:

I am new too and in the Mobile area of Alabama. I liked the idea that the XYO company wants to form a network to be used free of charge for locations.

I ordered a bridge and extra sentinels but have yet to figure it all out. My sentinels may be mining but without the bridge set up, I can’t view anything online. I did find some online videos to help me set up my bridge but I am only at the phase where is said I had to decide if I want to hardwire or go wireless. Right now I don’t feel I have enough knowledge to make this decision.

Sorry, I can’t be of more help. If you are in touch with others in this area please let me know. I would love to meet up with others who know more than me.


I’m stressed.
Nothing is what it seems to be.

I don’t know where to go or what to do in order to see if I’m actually mining coins or not.

The app on the phone mines if I’m logged in or not. I tell it my email and it geomines but I never created an account

that I’m aware of. So where do I go from here? How do I get those mined coins into an exchange somewhere I can sell them?

I hope I didn’t buy a game. I thought this was for making real money.