Mining kit delivery?

When do we receive the mining kits after purchasing XYO Shares?
Im excited!

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Me too!


I’m just patiently waiting for my delivery of the kit

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Do we know when mining kits purchased in October will be shipped? Are we thinking it’s in December? I think there are many of us in the same boat. Thanks! Chris


I’m just waiting patiently since purchasing mine! I guess it will come one day as a surprise.

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They’re coming! We began shipping them this past week.


Scott, okay, been waiting since June! Looking forward to getting them.

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Yes I am wondering the same thing when do the kits purchased with shares arrive. Or who do we contact?

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I swear earlier on in the year some people got XYO Coins with there mining kit. Because I seen pictures on instagram with the kit and the Coin together. Some 6 months later I received my kit but no XYO Coin. Support tells me it’s only for people who bought shares. I already got jacked for my 2nd Mining kit. Now they want to jack me for the XYO Coin. Can someone shine some light on this because pictures don’t lie.

im fairly certain it was only offered as part of the “founders kit” which was for the purchase of shares. It was included with the shares “certificate” which was more commemorative then functional.I think some people who bought the kit very early on with ETH may have had it included too but im not sure.

You have to keep in mind the majority of kit buyers purchased through share purchases as an add on so pictures you’ve seen are likely of people who bought both shared and the add on kit.

Luis do you live in LA and work as a pattern maker in garment industry? This is Jackie.

I purchased two batches of shares early last year but no COIN included! Had hoped for one in the second batch. Don’t need 2 hats.
Come on XYO don’t be mean, send me a coin. You gave millions away to those lucky enough to live near Spacial.

If the peeps at XYO are watching these discussions I’d like to add my name to the list that Geobow just asked about…so I’d be a +1 on the possibility of receiving a coin…that would be cool, just saying…

Just ordered mine last week and hopefully it will be coming soon. Need to be ready when we are allowed to start mining. :grinning:

Not all levels entitled you to get a coin, so if you only bought 45 shares at a time you’d not get a coin. You had to buy 65 in one go to get the coin.

As for @Glen question. In a video they recorded on the 23rd they state it will be “weeks not months” till we can start mining. Not sure how literal that is, or if those months are calender or business.

Edit: Here is the link to the YouTube video I was referring to.

XYO Investor- It seems the peeps at xyo dont read thifs thread.
Maybe I’ll ask a mint to make some solid gold xyo coins. At least they would be guaranteed to go up in value. How many can I put you down for?

Wish I could afford a gold XYO coin…

I get that they say weeks, there are 52 in a year…

Mine took 15 days…they are busy over there.@jasmin