Military Use, Combat Systems, Force Protection Systems


OK, so here are a few ideas I been toying with and drawing up some sketches and mind maps for. They relate to my career as an Active Duty Combat Arms Soldier. From a Garrison environment or going outside the wire, I think the Proof of Location, Smart Contracts, and Blockchain Encryption could play a huge role in the Military, giving our War-fighters an edge on the enemy, revolutionizing our supply and ammo system, IED-Defeat systems, Anti-Fratricide systems, Safety systems and so much more. So here are a couple of different military categories and ways XYO could make a huge difference in our service members lives including my own.


  • Encrypted tracking of multiple types of ammunition and delivery of ammunition to units both at home and in combat theater. Smart Contract-esqe confirmation of the delivery to the correct unit, so the right ammo goes to the corresponding weapon system that needs it. Proof of location of ammo deliveries.
  • Supply deliveries verified to the correct unit requesting the items it needs. Ensuring our supplies stay with our forces. Thousands of NSN numbers simplified by and encrypted on the chain, keeping classified materials with the units with the proper clearance(this is big issue).


  • When two units come in close contact with each other, they could be made instantly aware, giving situational awareness and complete understanding of friendly movements on a battlefield. Executing missions and making sure the offensive forces are at the correct objective.
  • Smart weapon systems made even smarter by adding proof of location verification right before the impact of a smart bomb, having the ability to arm itself or dud if not receiving that verification. Making Air, Artillery, Mortar strikes made safer when in close proximity of friendly forces, shifting fire where its needed (Danger Close situations). When an errant round or munition lands to close to friendly forces, instantly being able to halt continued firing or ripple drops of more munitions.


  • Proof of Location marking of IED explosion sites, craters, duds, emplacements etc… A new unit patrolling an area can be made instantly aware when its coming close to an intersection or location where previous patrols have been hit. Frequency verification of wireless detonation systems, know where and what was used against you and be have better understanding of opposing forces tactics and methods.

Classified Items/Information Handling:

  • Smart Verification with Insanely great encryption, getting intel and equipment to the units that need it most without having to worry about spillage of classed material. Smart Encryption/Decryption based on Proof of Location, limit distribution of decryption keys ensuring security operations is at its best.
  • Communication encryption/decryption based upon Smart Contract style handshakes. Having the ability to have the right people talking to exactly who they want to safely.

Personnel Tracking and Recovery:

  • Know who is where, pretty self explanatory, never leave a man behind. Finding a lost squad member or straggler on patrol. Location of stolen or lost equipment or weapon systems/platforms. Downed pilot situations, hostage recovery, knowing if we are extracting the correct person.

Weapon System Efficiency and Increased Lethality

  • Smart Bombs and Smart Weapon Systems become even Smarter and More Autonomous
  • Tracking/Recon/Surveillance upgrades from proof of location. ie. Where is my High Value Target?!

To many more to state, some Ideas I can’t state on a public venue, but I think this could be a huge benefit to our Armed Services, Department of Defense, Depart of Homeland Security, Border Patrol, Humanitarian Missions, etc.

-ReconCatLord :telescope::cat2::crown: