Mid-Michigan XYO Geominers

Greetings from the Saginaw - Bay City - Midland area of Michigan. Anyone else nearby interested in a meetup?
Someone was in Midland last week as I saw gray blocks on my COIN App map showing that someone else was mining! Couldn’t catch up for Bound Witness interactions, though.


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I lived in Lansing for almost 5 years; but now am in the middle of Nebraska.
It’s lonely out here (Only XYO geominer in Nebraska). :grinning:

Welcome LordPexton!

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Heck yeah, more bonus, right? Maybe I’m not right, I don’t know. I’m new at this. I’m actually not incredibly local, I’m from Southern Michigan. South of Lansing, to be more precise, but I’d be willing to drive for maybe an annual meet-up. I’d just need at least 3 weeks notice to ask for the day off of work.

@discobot fortune

I’m in Howell! brand new!