Medical location

I work in the medical field and I can see multiple uses for XYO.

The first is with surgical instruments. Most surgeries use a tray that has up to 100s of different instruments within and is stored in a metal bin that is sterilized. Currently, these trays are placed on shelves and have to be manually inspected for contents. An XYO sentinel could be placed on a specific tray (for example, open heart surgery tray) and it could be located in a specific room, shelf, etc.

The second is medical devices, such as an IV pump or a hospital laptop. These get put in closets, pushed in empty rooms, put on shelves or in drawers and are unavailable when needed. An XYO sentinel could help provide location assistance for these expensive devices.

A third use would be to put an XYO sentinel on your staff (or make them use an app on their phone) that would pinpoint their location. For example, a nurse has 10 patients in 10 different patient rooms. She is doing a sterile procedure on a patient and can’t answer a page, but you could locate her quickly using the technology.

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I’ve got a friend who is an ER physician - we’ve had some great talks on how XYO can be implemented in the medical field. Great thoughts!

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Thanks!! Reposted there

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