Map on XYO Matrix not working?

Hi there! I found out about the XY Oracle Network about two weeks ago, and I’m excited to see it developing.

I’ve been looking around the new XYO Matrix site since it launched, and yesterday I noticed that the map page (linked) doesn’t seem to be working at the moment—it spends a few seconds loading and then the whole panel turns to a white page with “Error” at the top. (The map on the dashboard does something similar, changing to the default preview image.)

This is happening for me on both desktop and phone, whether my wallet is connected or not, so I don’t think it’s an issue with me specifically. Does anybody here know what’s going on?


Yep, I am seeing that error too

Same here. It will be cool when it’s fixed.

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None of their shit Fucking works!

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It’s being updated have patience android will be up and running hopefully by the end of this week and IOS will be in the next 2 weeks or so…


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