MAC Addresses of Sentinels?

Why does the MAC Addresses change on these devices? They should not change; every device has an associated MAC ID and they should not change; even with an update of firmware. Something is fishy here!!!

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They change because the of the state of the BT address, depending if its set to be public or private(resolvable or non-resolvable). Since you wouldn’t want just everyone knowing your private BT address also known as a static address, it gets scrambled by a thing called a Identity Resolving Key. I don’t know that much about the IRK, or how it exactly works, but I do know depending on how the advertising message is set in the header will determine if it displays the static(actual MAC address) or a scrambled one. I’m in no way an expert on this, so if anyone else knows more please chime in, but I think that is why it changes.

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They’re updating the sentinels for IOS and android it’ll be OK it’s all good It’s all in testing right now