Logistics empty vans can take loads

My business is in removals and storage we travel all over UK and europe.

I can see an excellent Use case for any cars, lorries, trucks that are travelling in one or other direction completely empty would easily be able to find loads on route on long journeys…

Everyone could have the chance to be a courier for people that are close by needing parcels delivered?

Ubercourier ? :wink:

If the van could share its current weight load that would be a really cool open market for carrying capacity

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Current available weight and volume…

May be able to pick up light weight stuff that is large :slight_smile:
A BIG bag of feathers instead of a smaller box of lead lol

Great idea Steve. I know Uber does indeed have something similar to what you’re describing but I’m not sure how they incorporate location data exactly, I’ll have to do a little more research. But as an XYO use-case I absolutely see the potential.

You can read about UberFreight here: https://www.uberfreight.com/

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