Local currency for a local economy

Would XYO network enable local currencies to be spent within an area only. So tourists could buy the local currency thus getting discounts in (local- maybe not mainstream) shops for using it to encourage the growth of local businesses. Tourists would have to sell it back or keep it until next time they visit the geo location (city/town)
Tourists would also be able to earn for visiting tourist attractions?
ALso with the bluetooth would that allow for transactions to happen for a few days in the event of the electricity system going down due to solar flare or civil unrest?

Which would make the town safer as people would still be able to trade maybe after any crisis?

If people LIKE my ideas and think I am helpful you are more than welcome to donate your ECR20 XRY tokens to 0x77F4bD7d700e7540a47d05E0E9d16F0A95b41602


very interested in this as I have been thinking of that idea for a few months now!
Any rewards in XYO for more ideas? if they are interesting enough? :wink: lol

I am buying 1 ETHS worth my biggest purchase EVER as I can see so much potential from what I understand so far!!

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people could get discounts in local bars/restaurants how much depends on how long people stay at the local (sponsored by that restaurant) attraction! So the restaurant funding the payments to allow the diiscount!#
And vice versa the attraction could also give discounts for people that have eaten in that restaurant!!


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dependent on how big the bill was :slight_smile:

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Local tours & buses could be paid for taking groups past attractions too!!

OOOh invite me to Spatial!! I so want to meet all the app devs!!

Aint you a ball of energy


What happens to me when my creative juices get going just a constant stream of random thoughts that sometimes link up together and then my adrenaline goes crazy unti l I at least do SOMETHING with it even email all the dev teams… lol Just want to see one of my ideas come to be!! :slight_smile:

you sell clothing online? WHat do you think of my Advershirt idea?

Kewl when the ddapploy is out we should work on somthing together

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may i see your online store? Post it here? :slight_smile:

I love your ideas man, gotta love the creativity! :smiley:

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