List of XYO resources

Every time I turn around I am finding another XYO resource. I thought it would be good to get a list together.

There is this forum :

Reddit :

Twitter @OfficialXYO #XYOTribe #XYOcommunity


Telegram: XYO Geohackers, XYO network Announcements

Discord channel :

youtube: XYO, Steve G., XGeoHacker, miscjames, thee geohacker

Help me build this list put it in comments and i will edit the above list once verified.


Great idea, Miscjames

How about the reddit thread?


Completely spaced on that one thanks for the reminder

niceā€¦ add the discord channelā€¦ small but growing group of enthusiasts especially interested in building archivists and divinersā€¦ a few devs from XYO sometimes pop in:


My XYO Journey

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Great List @Miscjames, what about theseā€¦

@workfromyourcomputer Just checked out your websiteā€¦ Love It !! :+1:
Love your enthusiasm and dedication, keep up the good work buddy :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you.