Lifestyle information / rewards


How much time do you spend with your kids?
How often do you go to the beach? or the library, or church?
How many times and for how long does your son or daughter use that gym membership you bought them?
When is the last time you spent more than an hour in the same room as your wife hahaha…
You get the idea.
We could create an App that lets you set up lifestyle goals and track them. You could set them up for others and reword their achievements.


Neat idea! There are some mental health/mindfulness apps that gamify things like this, but they all depend on self-reporting. If you’re dealing with the sort of issues that make this type if app appealing, then self-reporting might be a challenge sometimes. XYO’s seamless reporting would make this less of an issue.

I’ve got a friend that is a developer in this space that I hadn’t thought to reach out to about XYO - thanks for this!

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Great idea!!!


Great idea