Lets Clear up an Important Aspect of Recent Upgrades

A. Use the Network app to upgrade the only sentinels you want to connect to The Matrix Network firmware. This update involves your sentinels in a completely different strategy in combination with your COIN sentinels to gather XYO airdrops for now, but also to grow your bound witness chain. The values and payments anyone receives will obviously be weighted by the value of your information generated by the origin chain. The more queries by the diviners that utilize areas you have mined validly, the higher the reward.

Read the white paper

B. Use the XY FindIt app to upgrade ONLY your COIN sentinels that you use to mine as you move. The latest firmware v4.0.56, that you must use the XY Findit app for this purpose, shows your correct battery level. Previous versions did not and many people may be experienceing low battery icons because they haven’t upgraded firmware. I’ve done it. It all works well together at the moment.

C. We should share information about Bound Witness generation and how to properly deploy our sentinels in their 2 iterations for the best and most efficient way to earn XYO with our hardware.

@ricthesoundguy not 100% certain because I’m Android and haven’t been able to upgrade my sentinels yet, but I think they found the issue with v5.x firmware knocking out the ability to COIN (it was actually an issue with COIN from what I think someone at XYO said). I was under the impression that once you upgrade to v5 firmware, you can use them for both COIN and Matrix, but NOT for XY Find It.

Oh and technically if you have the old bridge image, you can upgrade to 4.0.56 through that. I nuked the XY Find It app some time ago, and did a couple upgrades from the bridge. I’m currently on a mix of 4.0.53, 55 and 56.

In any case, once they release the Android update with firmware, I’m going to only upgrade 1 or 2 sentinels at first and do some extensive testing before I commit to upgrading them all.

Hi ryan
I have my hardware brides re-imaged and connected to the Matrix already. Soon they will issue payment keys and that’s when this effort will really start paying off. Owning a bridge, a bunch of sentinels and running an Archiver is going to earn XYO that makes COIN earnings pale in comparison.

The same is true of my COIN mining and devices. I have an iPhone that literally sits in one spot with at home and a COIN sentinel sitting next to it, and it mines 27/7(spare phone not active, just connected to local wifi). Collects 2500 XYO per week.

Then I have the COIN app on my carry iPhone running COIN and connecting to my key chain sentinel that is only connected as a miner to the COIN app. I think many people are confused about how this system works.

There are strategies already developing on how to deploy your hardware for maximum return. Stationary sentinels on the Network app are going to be important for generating bound witnesses.

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