Kansas XYO GeoMiners - Special Military Base Tour!...Err Kinda

Hey all, Recon here, figured I’d ask if anyone was geomining around Junction City/Fort Riley/Manhattan, Kansas areas. Figured with K State being close probably somebody who is. Well if you ever wanted to go on a COIN grabbing trip or meetup, shoot me a message here or a DM. Also, special bonus lol, we can tour the illustrious Fort Riley, a place of Fantasy…a place of Wonder…just kidding, its a desolate Artillery/Missile and Rocket Impact zone and has one of the lowest retention and moral rates in all of the military…But I can show you some pretty cool stuff that normal citizens do not get to see, so If your around and love XYO, I’ll be here.


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I’m some what…close that would be :sunglasses: