Just had an idea!?


Would a small XYO tag be able to be stitched inside a teeshirt so coins can pay people for wearing the tesshirt thus promoting said coin! The proof of location wld prove they had worn it out and where they had gone. The busier high streets and shopping malls get paid higher amounts? :slight_smile:

all coins wld want that to promote im certain


NIKE and all the big brands could use that too

I have always said it is CRAZY that people pay more money for an item of clothing to then walk around advertisingf the brand after paying the company walk around like a bill boad thinking they are cool! When i think the top men of the company must be laughing knowing they are just getting FREE advertising AFTER also selling the product!! This wld bring clothing brand logos to be able to be paid for wearing them


100% this is the most legit idea hands down, I love our community


I think there needs to be a good prize for the best idea?
Or is that cheeky? How about the prize is the trip to Spatial for one or two? :slight_smile:


Good idea, but should be best mvp


mvp? :open_mouth:


Minimum Viable Product (MVP) @brightonsteve


Why hasn’t anyone contacted the Pizza companies. I know for a fact that Domino’s can benefit from this.

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Location tracking is awesome but pizza on the blockchain might be overkill. :rofl:

Unless your trying prove ownership of your secret recipe. :thinking:


I’m wondering if everyone would consider putting the tracking stickers on a book for instance , that they don’t want to misplace or lose somehow or maybe stick one to their last will and testament or birth certificate or other important document?


All great ideas and thoughts! Why not, make it smaller, flexible, more durable, indestructible, invisible, capable to attach to everything! Imagine a trucking company applying this tech to all there equipment. Possibilities are endless!

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YESSSS please!! www.checkatrade.com/nicemanbigvanremovals


Start with XYO T-shirt & hat


Maybe the company should start selling XYO clothing with the tag incorporated?

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Hi there, I am Chuck McCray. I’m a 70 year old " toddler" I have had a pair of strokes & a valve job to stop the damn strokes. I found xyo looking for a way to keep track of power trailers i am going to build they are bicycle trailers that have a wind generator onboard & batteries that you can power your rv,tent or homefrom I just need to get the right people to talk to to get permission I want to put a sentinel in each trailer have the local police download coin, if one of the units is stolen, they could then track it All the PDs in the nation could use the money they make from mining THANKS!8>)

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Hello…that’s a great idea, the systems a little green. But it has tons of potential!!@chuckinabox