Is it spoofing? 2 devices with COIN?

Am I allowed to have two separate devices running COIN in my house or is that spoofing?

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@grinmoure You might be seen as spoofing if you are using the same account login information. What I recommend is having two separate accounts(two different logins), and try to divide up your Sentinels so that each device running COIN only interacts with a certain group of Sentinels and they don’t mix. Then you can write to XYO Customer Support and you can have them change one of the accounts private keys to the same one. That way two people or two sets of devices can run on separate accounts but still feed the same XYO tokens accounts. I’m pretty sure that is considered the proper way to run multiple sets of devices/accounts. I could be wrong, but I guessing that XYO just doesn’t want people with lots of devices running on the same account, feeding multiple private key addresses and then they could just pool up all the tokens later on. If anyone else reads this let me know if I am correct in this theory. Thanks

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I don’t think, and certainly hope not, that XYO customer support can see or change your private keys. “Not your keys, not your tokens!!!”

And if you have read this recent post, ’Aristotle, web app and new XYO app’ (see link below). I think you are allowed to login different devices with the same account.

Good luck! Let us know how it worked out…


Official advice from the Coin App FAQ…

Can I use the same account on multiple devices?!

This is technically possible, but we don’t recommend it because it can make it look like you are spoofing location and that can result in your account being suspended. Use separate accounts on each device and when you want to withdraw you can request the XYO goes to the same wallet address.


@CreationArts @pinballdreamer Awesome news, well I was almost right lol, and true good point @CreationArts about the private key, I keep forgetting that blockchain internals aren’t like normal corporate internals, just because the company holds the account doesn’t mean they know the key to it, so good point on that. @pinballdreamer you just made my day with that, because I will definitely will be setting up some other accounts with family members to dump into my wallet. I was worried they might see that as a problem, only thing about that, I am almost positive that these other accounts need to be working off their own group of Sentinels, meaning not using the same Sentinel to interact with for the same location data; cause if that was the case we all would be carrying around like 27 devices in a backpack that just was auto-mining off the same Sentinel interaction…now that would be worse than spoofing cause you would just be multiplying your mining…unless their server is tracking what square location grids are mined at specific times and blocking them out for other accounts…which I think is the case, since it does says the more frequently a block is mined, the less the payout, the more rare the block mined, the bigger the payout…ugh so many questions, I need to go back to school for a degree in Blockchain Philosophy lol. Thanks for the feedback guys!

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I guess you can always send to separate wallets then consolidate on your own.

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I don’t think you need to, the official site says…

I have just requested a withdrawal from my second account to the same wallet address as my first account. If it fails I will update this post accordingly.


My 2 devices (with 2 separate accounts) are working of the same group of 9 sentinels I own although most of the day they can only see 2 of them which I carry with me at work.

I think you have to remember that the XYO were are currently geomining is pretty much just for promotional purposes, to get people interested in the idea and get the user base numbers up. I’m sure they have stated that the sentinels aren’t yet creating genuine Bound Witness Data but that this will change soon. My guess is it’ll happen in around 3 weeks time when the Matrix switches from the Kovan test network and onto the main Ethereum network.


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OK just had an idea that is either genius or idiotic, or maybe I am approaching a level of honesty that borders on stupidity but here goes…

What about creating two separate accounts on the same device and running two separate instances of the app in a multi-window mode. You would need a pretty fast device, something along the lines of at least a Samsung 8 series or higher or maybe and One Plus 6 or gaming device (RAZR Phone, ASUS ROG Phone) and would need to be on Nougat or higher, really Oreo would, Nougat might be stretching it.

And this can easily be accomplished even on non-rooted devices, just stock android software by downloading the app Island from the play store. It uses a secure environment to run identical apps side by side at the same time. They both can talk to wi-fi and therefore should be able to use the BT connection also as the BT connection is coming into the device itself, the app is only using a software receiver to access the BT data. I’m gonna have to try this, but like it was mentioned before, I don’t know what the ethics/rules are for this method. Here is the app link:

Tell me what your thoughts are!
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If I am understanding you correctly, both instances would pull their GPS from the device so they would be identical, this may flag up as spoofing ?

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@pinballdreamer its two different accounts so I don’t think so, Idk. It would be the same as a husband and wife traveling together all the time using two separate devices cause they are two separate accounts and private keys. Ugh wish we could get clarification on this, because if this is possible, great way to double your mining efforts instantly lol.

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Please correct me if I’m wrong… I can sign in using the new XYO app on 2 devices with the same login as Coin app, but I can’t sign in using Coin app on 2 devices with the same login?


Yes I think that’s correct.
Only one account is needed for the XYO Network app no matter how devices you are signed in on.
But never you the same COIN app login on more than one device at the same time.


This is how you do it. I have two devices running, I use one and my girlfriend uses the other. When we make a withdrawal we send the coins to a common wallet. Haven’t had any issues. FYI, they did a new update and it prevents spoofing. If you are near someone else that is mining, you will share in the coins being mined. And the yield is really, really low. It’s really low normally, but, it is not worth either of you mining if it sees two miners near each other.


My husband and I each use two phones running separate COIN accounts and we each have a single XY4+ Sentinel. Each phone also has its own instance of the XYO Network App running, and we leave them all in bridge mode most of the time (occasionally switching one to sentinel mode briefly). With this set up, we effectively have two isolated setups, each with two miners, a sentinel, and two bridges. We do not initialize each others sentinels. This allows us to mine the same blocks… sure, the shared returns are lower, but over all we’re doing well operating like this because we’re never stepping on each other… automine just plugs away, slow and steady. With this configuration we’ve been amassing bound witnesses like crazy, but there’s no spoofing or hacking involved… we’re just using what’s available! No trickery… no tomfoolery… no cheating.

I’ll admit i’m very sad to read (above) that despite generating all this data (bound witnesses), it’s “beta data” now and means nothing? So all the value we pump into the network at this time does nothing for us? Laying the ground work… being the boots on the ground… that’s not worth anything?
I’m not looking to get rich quick, and I have great patience for stuff like this… I’m just hoping that all the data we’re generating now counts for something and doesn’t disappear with the beta phase…
Here’s to hoping I either misunderstood or they reconsider…


The new XYO Network App don’t give you an option to run as bridge or sentinel

Like I stated before; we should get paid for being employed as QA department engineers.

I don’t get it. You say we need to put the xyo network on two differant android devices. But you say we need different accounts. How to do that. And then you say contact support about keys. Dont make sense. Can you explain in some other way?

My xyo network app sees 9 devices but there are only 7. Am waiting on a replacement to total 8 so why is network seeing 9.

If the 28th was the date it was going live then how come it sou ds like it didn’t???