iOS Network App & Sentinel Issues


So I only have 1 Sentinel as I am still waiting on my Mining Kit to arrive (why does it take sooo long to get a kit?). The one Sentinel has been working flawlessly with the Coin App since I got it…Today the XY Network App finally comes out for iOS and guess what, i update/claim my sentinel and surprise it errors before completion. Now my only sentinel cant be seen under My Devices in the Network App and if i try to add it to My Devices it says its already claimed, what the hell am i supposed to do now??? I already pulled the battery out cleaned it and then swapped batteries, I reset the App and my phone and NOTHING!!! I still get the same errors and just to kick me in the nuts now my sentinel isnt being picked up by the COIN App yet its connected to my Bluetooth…Soooooo yeah i havent heard back from XY Support (Shocked Face) so i was hoping someone on here might have an idea or something.


Makes me glad that I’m a Microsoft guy. :apple: sucks to begin with. No surprise that their shit don’t work on iOS; it doesn’t work on Android yet!!


I need a Fucking job! Please hire me!


Please see my Fucking resume if you want to get shit done the right way!!!



Can this count as making a contact when I apply to unemployment weekly claim?

I told you that I’m available to guide you in the right way; however, you and your IT crew keep Fucking Up!


@KaptKos These are very helpful responses and all but do you mind not hijacking my thread with your nonsense?!?!?! Thank you

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Not meaning to hijack

I’ve been asking the same question since I first invested

Your kit should arrive about 8-9 weeks; which makes no sense at all!

I still haven’t received info on the transfer agent for my investments in the Class “A” shares!!


I had same issue. I had to hard restart my iPhone and then they were showing back up in my coin app

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I just dropped a few lines on my flow in a new topic.
the Bridge works and with a raspberry pi and another microSD one may just be able to build another bridge. if it’s true, that is very thoughtful, and personally wouldn’t bother me the fact I paid much higher price initially, if it does the same then you can have many for cheap.

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:speak_no_evil:oh and the best is you can name each sentinel :grinning: can’t wait to see KaptKos’ naming vulgary lol :see_no_evil::joy::joy:

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Yeah my sentinel doesnt show up in the XYO Network App under My Devices and if i try to Add it, it says its claimed by another XYO User (ME). Since then the sentinel doesnt want to stay connected to COIN for more than 2min. Hopefully i hear something from XYO in the morning…

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It seems I lose my sentinels in Coin if I open up XYO app. It’s happens each time I open it. Kinda frustrating


I wish it was that simple of a fix for mine. :upside_down_face:

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I’m sorry. I know it’s frustrating.

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All good, just hope they can fix it quick.

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Have you tried to claim it in the web app ?

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it is not possible to claim them with the Web App, it is only a feature on mobile currently. Great thought though, thank you!



Yea, Apple is fun to work with :sneezing_face:

Anyway, we’re going to push new updates for the apps and firmware shortly. We’re aware of what caused Sentinels to disconnect from the COIN app too after the last firmware update. Sorry yo! Betas are a tough time, especially when our beloved community is so excited and wants to use it right away. We love you too! Fixes coming soooon.

And if any Sentinels actually are bricked and still not working (unlikely), we’ll replace em.


There must have been a change because I registered 3 the night it was released.


Thank you and the team for all your hard work on this, you are all rockstars! I just updated the COIN App and so far it looks like my Sentinel is staying connected. This is a great fix for one of my issues, the second one is still a concern i think though.
When the Network App was released i tried to claim/register my Sentinel and before it completed it gave me a connection error, once i reset the App and tried to register it again it says its claimed by another XYO User and they can reset it in their My Devices section…the problem is i am the one that registered it and i cant see it under My Devices. Thoughts on this???


Thank you to all of you at XY for all the work that you have done. Only 1 of my 8 is being anti-social. Coin app won’t stay connected to any of them. On the bright side, my brother gave me another ocho pack so I think I won’t update them yet and try to get a couple to connect to Coin :sunny::grin:

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