Intersection request Matrix dashboard

Hi team! I’m looking into the Matrix, to see how things work. One question though, maybe a dumb one, but what kind of ‘data’ should I enter when making an ‘Intersection’ request in the Matrix? Or doesn’t it matter? Can I just enter ‘green’ for party 1 and ‘blue’ for party 2? But then again what is the point of this, what kind of request did I create?

Hope someone can help me understand it better.

Thank you and keep up the good work!



…and as a follow up question,

To my understanding the Matrix is a dashboard and interface for the community, the geominers, who own sentinels, bridges and other XYO hardware like archivists and diviners, and the Matrix also functions as an interface, and delivers tools for, blockchain developers.

The functions solely as an interface for geominers.

Am I understanding this correctly?

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TBH I think most of us are just as clueless right now. I followed the example instructions and it worked but know idea what the answer meant.
I’m guessing it’ll become clearer as things progress and develop.


I would rather like to know what the deal is, what does this Intersection function do? And is this something solely for developpers, or also for geominers?

Please give us some useable feedback, explain the Matrix, instead of “wait and see”. Tell us what you are building, who will use it, and for what purpose?

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According to the Medium post for the Aristotle release (linked):

For this release, you’ll be able to learn whether or not two XYO nodes have interacted.

I believe that this is the function of the “Intersection” request type. It’s not a complete explanation, but I hope it’s useful information.